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12 Jun 2017, 15:38:16
Overview :

Nipa.cloud (https://www.nipa.cloud/) is the #1 OpenStack public cloud provider (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/) in Thailand with our own data center (http://www.ispio.com/) and OpenStack specialist team. (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/) We deliver private cloud as well as managed private cloud to SMEs helping customers to lower cost by using open source innovation with no vendor lock-in.

We are hiring Network Deployment Engineer (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/network-deployment-engineer/) to deploy reliably cloud network infrastructure (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/network-deployment-engineer/) in order to improve and adjust system more effective and more stable. You will work with both cloud solution architecture and software engineer team (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/). You will gain to extend massive infrastructure platform to SMEs in Thailand.

Responsibilities :

? Plan and deploy OpenStack cloud infrastructure (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/network-deployment-engineer/) across all of our network solutions for our data center (http://www.ispio.com/) and customers
? Provide scaling of current network designs to meet the requirements of our customers
? Design simple, repetitive deployment processes that increase both quality and velocity
? Work closely with our enterprise customers on designs and solutions; leading from concept to production
? Contribute closely with our automation teams in defining the necessary tools that allow us to scale at massive volume


? Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related technical field or equivalent practical experience
? Experience in python programming (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/software-engineer/)
? Knowledge and experience of SDN and NFV
? In-depth knowledge of and experience with major internet routing protocols; specifically BGP and OSPF
? Experience in Linux operation system (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu) as a server platform
? Experience in understanding of current network protocols use and running network layers processes
? Experience in conventional Linux (e.g. a brush script)
? Experience in Troubleshoot code written (e.g. Python and Ruby)
? CCNP or CCIE certifications (or similar) will be a plus
? Knowledge of OpenStack (http://www.ispio.com/) is a big plus
? Needs to be a highly motivated to learn and ability to multitask effectively
? Strong logical thinking skills, with the ability to adapt as new information becomes available
? Ability to travel domestically if needed

We offer Competitive Salary with career and professional growth.
You will be working with awesome team.

Contact: http://jobs.nipa.cloud (http://jobs.nipa.cloud/)