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More and Deeper operating space in FIFA 21

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  • More and Deeper operating space in FIFA 21

    If you are new to football games, then FIFA 21is undoubtedly your best choice-the most luxurious league authorization, diverse game modes, and top-notch physics engine and AI can all allow you to enjoy the right rhythm , A football game that is both realistic and entertaining. However, if you are an old player in the "FIFA" series, then you may also be like me, more disappointed and regretted by the lack of revolutionary new content in the game.

    I believe that many players who are keen on sports games feel the same way. Not only FIFA, "Live Soccer" and NBA 2K next door are also facing the same dilemma. It may be due to the limited performance of this generation, the short development time, or the lack of creativity. In short, the freshness brought to players by these "new year goods" is rapidly declining, and it is at this special moment when the new and old hosts are approaching the handover. , The dissatisfaction of several sports game player communities has reached an unprecedented peak.

    However, compared to the two versions of "NBA 2K" sold separately, EA clearly came up with a scheme that is easier for fans to accept-purchase of this generation of "FIFA 21" will be free to upgrade to the next generation version.

    Still hot FUT

    After several years of evolution, FUT (Ultimate Team) has developed into one of the fan favorite models. It relies on maturity, size, and diversity to attract all players who are keen on FIFA, but at the same time Encourage people to quickly improve the team's strength through microtransactions. Obviously this is a controversial sales model, but even if you refuse Krypton, you can still find the unique charm of FUT, but you need to put more energy and time to manage your team carefully.

    Simply put, in FUT mode, your goal is to gather excellent players into your own team as much as possible. Here we can realize all our fantasy of the football country, such as rebuilding the Barcelona Universe team and letting the peak of May Luo combination becomes a reality and so on. Of course, all of this was just an assumption when the team was first established. You will get a bunch of bronze, silver-quality, non-core fans who can't even name the players in the initial player card pack. Then keep playing to unlock rewards, in exchange for advanced card packs to draw better players. Or, you can swipe your credit card directly and buy dozens of card packs to directly raise a wealthy family.

    The biggest fun of FUT is collecting players

    Considering that there is a large proportion of online matches in FUT's game mode, it is obviously nonsense to say that this krypton gold mode will not affect the balance of the game. Subjectively speaking, I don't like this mode. However, when you sink your heart and carefully study the gameplay of each mode in FUT, you can also find the fun of FUT core in a more stable pace of progress. The rich and complete reward list encourages us to complete various single or Online battle; the tacit understanding system allows us not to build the team based on ability value blindly; the team lineup challenge mode allows us to form a series of interesting team challenges and exchange low-value players for various rewards. And of course, the most fast way to collect good players to build ultimate team is to buy fifa 21 coins or players from safe online store like

    In the team lineup challenge, low-value players can be exchanged for rewards

    It is indeed a sense of accomplishment to watch the lineup steadily improve, but at the same time, when you see stars in the transfer market with tokens worth more than 6 digits, you will feel that it is really out of reach without a single order. Especially when the opponents frequently use these stars to tear the weak defense line in the online game, this kind of powerlessness will really hit his heart. Therefore, for those players who cannot invest too much time or money in FUT mode, the fun may also be marked with a big discount.

    Surprising Volta Football

    The faster-paced and more entertaining street football mode "Volta" introduced by FIFA 20 is a surprise for EA players. This year EA has also "restored" the basic framework of the previous game, even the UI. Nothing changes... But Volta is still my favorite mode. It provides a series of custom content to allow players to customize the team, and we don't need to invest as much in FUT to quickly improve the team's competitive level. The more obvious change is that the frequency of AI's fancy moves has become more frequent. Even the author, who has always played simple football firmly, can't help but start various shows. Of course, the probability of losing the ball has also risen by a level. ...

    Volta street football is still very addictive

    In order to better bring players into the atmosphere of street football, FIFA 21 also inserted a simple and effective plot in Volta-the protagonist, that is, the team led by your own character to "fight monsters and upgrade all the way" "Finally a decisive battle with the star team on the highest stage in Dubai. Different from the career mode, the player’s creation of a role is no longer based on the performance of the game to increase the ability value, but after the completion of the game, the skill points are obtained and assigned to the skill tree to increase the corresponding ability value. We can also according to the needs at any time Reallocate. Considering that Volta is also a mode that emphasizes online battles, the skill tree allows players to be controlled within a fixed range, and each player can choose and allocate the same amount, which will bring more to the game. Good balance.

    The upgrade mode of the skill tree ensures the balance of online battles

    After simply completing a few plot games, my self-created player abilities have reached 80+, and I can easily make some fancy moves. This growth rhythm is really comfortable, and it allows us to put more energy on the field instead of thinking about which ability value we should focus on during the game. Correspondingly, the motivation to encourage players to play more games has become a variety of unlockable costumes. For example, I have been working on collecting black suits to make my "Gotham Bats" look a bit internal.

    "Warm" has become a great pleasure for Volta

    Our teammates in Volta are not static, but have a collection system that is quite similar to FUT, but the teammates we collect will not only be legendary stars, but may also be extraordinary "Nobody". Whenever we beat other teams, we can draw one of the players to our team. The abilities of these players vary. The stronger the team is, the more powerful players will be collected. This is also one of the key elements to encourage players to invest more time in Volta.

    Old career mode

    The reason why I say that the career mode is boring is not because the mode itself lacks fun, but after so many years of progress and evolution, the career mode may be one of the modes with the smallest changes we can see. Player's career is always the same to improve the ability value based on the performance of the game. The coaching career is to improve the team's strength through proper management and reasonable tactics. Both are to improve themselves and strive for honor as much as possible.

    FIFA 21 does have some subtle changes to the career mode, such as the addition of a virtual broadcast simulation mode that can cut into the arena at any time, adjustments to player rentals, etc., but the impact of these changes on the game experience can be said to be minimal, and therefore Career, as always, has become a more disappointing model.

    Virtual broadcast simulation that can cut into the stadium at any time

    Few core changes

    Judging from the core changes officially announced by EA not long ago, "FIFA 21" has indeed made many adjustments to the game itself, such as the optimization of AI, confrontation, and automatic player switching. But when you enter the game, it is really difficult to feel the experience changes brought about by these adjustments-AI still often has extremely stupid misalignment problems when assisting defense, some simple and direct rubbing shots are even better than single-handed goals The rate is higher, and the long straight plug beyond the visible range of the screen is still a headache for the defense...I know it is not easy to fix all the problems and create a game rhythm that satisfies every player, but "FIFA 21" The game experience is still too similar to the previous one. If you are a hardcore fan who has played for hundreds or even thousands of hours, perhaps you can perceive the subtle effects of these changes on the game, but these effects obviously cannot bring about qualitative changes.

    In addition, "FIFA 21" also added some action changes, including holding down R1 agile dribbling, directional running without a team member, player lock control in team mode, super cancellation that can interrupt all actions, etc. , These changes are of tactical significance for advanced players, and also broaden the operating space of these players. This is commendable, but obviously it has a much smaller impact on light players who don't use advanced skills often.

    "FIFA 21" still adds a lot of advanced actions for core fans


    "FIFA 21" is still an excellent football game that allows fans to sit down and invest dozens or even hundreds of hours. It inherits the framework of its predecessors and has undergone the most conservative renovation. The rich and entertaining FUT and Volta are still The most engaging mode. But at the same time, this game failed to show the changes that fans expected. Compared with FIFA 20, it lacks some qualitative changes. Therefore, my expectations for the next generation have become stronger...