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World of Warcraft Classic: One Year Now

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  • World of Warcraft Classic: One Year Now

    Time flies, it has been a whole year since the opening of the World of Warcraft Classic. In the night of each farm, with the company of your comrades, the past year can be said to be wonderful and unforgettable. WoW classic seems to be not enough. . A few days ago, the World of Warcraft Classic updated the content of the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj, and the copy of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj was also opened. This is the penultimate group book in the 1960s, announcing the arrival of the climax of the 60th era. What else can we play in the next year? May wish to look forward to it together.

    The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that the entire 60-level era is the most fascinating, and it is also the biggest regret of most old players-Naxxramas. As the final group book of the 60th level, Naxxramas took Kel'Thuzad, who was extremely popular and topical in the history of Warcraft, as the final leader, and added many cool backgrounds and battle processes to this natural disaster floating city. Also quite a wonderful BOSS. From the perspective of instance design, Naxxramas can be said to be the final creation created by the Warcraft design team after absorbing the experience of the entire 60th level era. A large number of interesting and challenging mechanical BOSSs laid the foundation for the entire "World of Warcraft". The design ideas for all future groups. Classic BOSS battles such as Dian Nan, Ice Dragon, and 4DK are still popular topics among players for many years.

    From an experience point of view, Naxxramas's equipment strength was unique in the 1960s, much stronger than the previous Ahn'Qiraj, and having these equipment is naturally a symbol of high play. In addition, due to various reasons, the national server Naxxramas was not open for a long time. In addition, the difficulty of the copy is not low, and the team that can successfully farm does not account for the majority. Many players have not been able to collect a complete set of T3, or They missed their favorite weapon, and the World of Warcraft Classic gave them a chance to make up for their regrets.

    After the launch of Naxxramas, the World of Warcraft Classic has not come to an end. Combined with the rising popularity of the classic service and the beautiful numbers in the financial report since the opening of the wow classic for a year, we hardly have to doubt that TBC classic will be launched in the future. According to the content of the nostalgia service At the speed of the update, we are likely to play Naxxramas at the end of this year and early next year. Then maybe everyone will be able to set foot on the Hellfire Peninsula next summer and prepare to have a close contact with Illidan, who is not understood in the dark temple. Up. I just don’t know whether Blizzard will keep the original TBC, or play a big one. Does it have some changes in the plot? In any case, the future of World of Warcraft Classic is worth looking forward to.

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