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    Default New generation extreme deluxe motherboard – MSI X38 Diamond

    From April to May 2007, there were many P35 products launch from motherboard makers.
    About another higher level X38 chipset product,
    we only heard about the naming, but no products and test results exposure.

    And now in September, the big three motherboard makers finally release the X38 motherboard information, product photos and specs.
    will launch to the market in early October.

    This time we have MSI X38 Diamond, the Diamond class is the highest level in MSI product line.

    The shape and outlooks on motherboard
    Use all made on Japan solid capacitors,
    MSI also enhanced the Circu-Pipe become more beautiful.

    The MB down left corner
    4x PXI-E x16 V2.0 designed, run on 16+16+4+4 when full loading.
    The biggest different is we can run 16+16 with dual graphic CrossFire mode, better then P35 series.
    2 x PCI-E X1
    1 x PCI

    MB down right corner
    6 SATA2 with 4 horizontal design, that can prevent big size VGA block problem.
    1 IDE
    Built in Realtek ALC888T 7.1channel, support VoIP card.
    2 red button, for power and reset function, MSI finally designed this convenient design. Also designed the post debug LED.
    Behind SB chip with sink and pipe, that is PCI-E extension chip to support 2 x4 bandwidth design.

    Up tight side
    First launched will only have 4 DIMM DDR3 design.
    This time MSI designed more DDR3 multipliers, support DDR3 1066/1333/1600 up to DDR3 1775

    Although there is DDR3 1775 option, we will know the performance after test.
    Of course we could use this extreme DDR3 – CORSAIR TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF

    Processor circuits design
    This time MSI enhanced the PWM design become 4+4, 4phase dual channel PWM.
    That’s better stability and higher availability for Quad Core and extreme overclock test.

    The IO design is getting better too!
    8 USB port, 2 eSATA and dual GB LAN.
    The small button is for Clear CMOS design, good for users.

    Let’s take a look on the heatpipe design.
    P35 Circu-Pipe use dual circle design, this time X38 only have half more round design.
    Easier but better looks with big heat spread surface.

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    The pipe extend to CPU PWM, that’s the name “Circu-Pipe”

    South-bridge designed with excellent height pipe and sink design.

    MSI P35 Diamond comes with good extend cards, of course the X38 Diamond may not absent with that.
    First one, CREATIVE SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, use new PCI-E x1 interface and designed by MSI.

    MSI SkyTel VoIP card, can turn home plug phone become SKYPE phone.

    Here is also the new design:
    LED POST, it will turn the debug light become boot up wording and component wording. That’s better then just a number or few LED light.

    If the system success into OS, POST will show “MSI”

    It will check many items when boot up, now is checking “VGA”

    When boot up, show “LOGO”

    This time MSI change the boot up screen picture, that looks really better then old ones.

    The default setting with CPU-Z info.

    This time we just take a look on the preview,
    About function test or overclock, I will follow up for you soon.

    X38 is the highest level chipset on Intel platform this year, we can tell that
    motherboard makers will design all the extreme spec and functions to show off.
    This time MSI X38 Diamond did have impressive design for enthusiasts,
    wish the X38 series could satisfied hard-core users and gamers soon.

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    งามมาก ^^

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    Delta Lab


    Ram วิ่ง 1T เลยรึแรงจริงๆ

    มี DDR2 ด้วย งานนี้มีตัวเลือกแว้ว

    ขอให้ Asus ทำ DDR2 ออกมามั่งเถอะ สาธุ -/\-

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    Nice !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoLKoRn View Post
    Nice !
    very nice !!

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    Not quite sure


    ผมติดตามข่าวรุ่นนี้มานานพอสมควร แต่รู้สึกว่าี้ version ที่ออกขายจริงๆ จะตัด DDR2 ออกไปนะครับ เจอราคา DDR3 เข้าไปผมขอใช้ 680i SLI เหมือนเดิมต่อไปละกัน

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    These are the final retail version design photos
    PCI-E Gen2 will become blue color, and will only have 4 DIMM DDR3 slots.



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