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Thread: The CDT and copywaza lab ( Windows tweake สำหรับทดสอบ Pi ให้เร็วขึ้น )

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    Default The CDT and copywaza lab ( Windows tweake สำหรับทดสอบ Pi ให้เร็วขึ้น )

    Quote Originally Posted by massman View Post
    OPB's tweak which helped him to do the
    Thread on Coolaler forums: http://forum.coolaler.com/showthread.php?p=1889672
    Seems like a very good find, but does it work for everyone? Does anyone have the theoretical explanation?


    1st step:
    - Make the pagefile exactly 512~512mb under the partition you place super pi 1.5mod.
    - Make a new folder named whatever you like , make 3 files which size can be about { 600m(628666368)--->maxmem (I set), and pplus 32m..}x 3

    2nd step:
    - Use winrar to make the single rar files ...so it will be smaller or equal to 2gb, if you fail during compress....you know your setting ddefinitely haas problem on it.
    - Run the window of super pi 32m (or even 1m) set the size you wanna run...and leave the dialogue there.

    3rd step:
    - Cut this rar file and paste @ C:/ for 3 timess.

    ** check with task manager for the available memory size...so let the system idle for at least :

    20seconds for 1m
    45 second for 32m

    1m need to be greater than 460m

    suggestion from OPB..:
    you will need to do above BEFORE you use setfsb or clockgen to OC your FSB and change your memory parameters from memset.

    Good luck.
    **you also can use cut-paste -copy ...this is what I will try to do the experiment with CDT-V

    the file is like this...
    632m(about) need 3 of them...no ned to be exactly, but need to be only 3..
    cuz not like you stated above..that would do it like 6 or more...that would completely mess the sequential compress action up.

    when you run super pi, you need to choose size right?
    after you choose , the dialogue will show:

    "now start to calculate"
    just stop there and do whatever need to do

    cuz at that moment, you system has about to prepare some elements need to running super pi size you set...very important.

    you cut the file , your ram is tempoarily store that img some address,
    certainly you always cut from D to c..I did say from where you place the super pi folder right?

    so after you paste on c...right click your mouse...can you do one more...two again?...
    it will ask you "overwrite it..."
    ok ..you need one folder.. only one for entire CDT-IV

    why ? becuase you need to make it into a rar files..
    so only ...ONLY make a folder ..and you will need to find 3 files are about 632m( 600m+32m is the hint for thinking why..but doesn NOT have to be 600+32..(I can have 598+34? right?...)

    so the best way is you only make it once for 632mb for instance, then copy it into the folderright? then re-name the original to othername and copy into that folder...so now your folder has how much? 1264mb? so the one remain out side the folder still 632mb right?
    so rename again and "cut it and paste into that folder...
    now, if you install winrar already, right click that folder, and make a whatever name of the rar file...there we go, after done...you know what to do...

    **All this way above is NOT must do like this...it's only one of the 1000 ways...to form you a 1.8g~2.0gb single rar file....

    but why I give the hint for 3x(600mb+32mb) to form that single rar?...haha..


    for everyone:
    if you wanna integrate Copy-waza, please, after you do Cut and paste , copy from c to D and then you will need to paste @ d over-write for 2 times..., you will get the most surprised result.

    here we go for elementry scool dialogue

    will post real procedure during making this.

    during the initial small file make up:

    1st step completed; First C.I formed
    2nd step initializing:
    see that difference between available memory and system cache?

    ** Anti-derevitive?lol 3 times from wherever to D

    Finalize the final step of CDT-iv...Cut...(Dereivitive in calculus?)

    the final step, idle and let system balance, close the task manager and you're redy to go.

    EDIT: massman your post is a bit confusing, i removed some free spaces and comments in regards to the tweaks author :P
    And i hope you dont mind if i replace the pics with thumbnails since they are quite large -Saaya

    Quote Originally Posted by BeardyMan View Post
    My way of doing it.
    วิธีแบบสรุป รวบรัด

    This tweak definitely works!

    Pics up soon.


    System specs, just straight boot didn't editing any timings:

    Then just run without cw/cdt:

    And with the previous OPB CDT I learned from him:

    Now, how about with this new OPB CDT-IV tweak:

    Wow, how about that? I just shaved of 16 seconds of a SPI 32M round!

    I'll explain exactly how I did it as some have some trouble understandning how to do this tweak.

    First you will need to set your maxmem to 600 (I used 620 which worked good aswell, though I belive the file 600+32MB is 600MB = avaliable ram and the extra 32MB is because of pi 32M calculation, am I right Kevin?) and also I believe it is very important to have a 512-512MB big pagefile on the SPI-partition (D: in my and Kevins case). Ok, now the instructions:

    1. I created 1x 632mb file using the command "fsutil file createnew D:\myfile 647168000" (1000*1024*632) for a file of exactly 632MB.
    2. Then I put it in a RAR-archive with the Store Compression method for no compression.
    3. After that I renamed it to myfile2 and then myfile3 and after each rename add it to the RAR-archive with the Store option so that you get a 1896MB big RAR-archive.
    4. Then I transfered it to my benchdisk with an USB flashdisk (I created the file on my laptop) and put it on SPI-partition (D:\file.rar).
    5. Now you start SPI and select 32M calculation and press OK, but don't press OK to start it, let it wait there.
    6. After that you copy it three times to C:\file.rar and the two other times you have to overwrite of course.
    7. Next you copy D:\file.rar to any folder on D:\, for me it was D:\cw\, three times just like you did to C:\ before.
    8. Now, as Kevin says, to balance it you copy the file C:\file.rar to D:\file.rar and overwrite it. I did it three times and I saw the ammount Avaliable memory raise each time.
    9. Now you can close the Taskmanager if you had it open for monitoring and all the other windows not related to SPI and now you can start your calculation!

    Hope this writeup helps you understand Kevins outstanding tweak better, I can only imagine what it takes to be able to find this tweak out.

    BTW, I didn't get the Avaliable memory and System cache balanced so System cache was about 2MB more. If I can get those two balanced maybe even more gain is possible.


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    ที่มา : http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...21#post2522821
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