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Thread: พี่ๆเคยลองทำแบบนี้กันบ้างไหมครับ

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    Arrow พี่ๆเคยลองทำแบบนี้กันบ้างไหมครับ

    ! ALiveNF6G-VSTA ทุกท่าน อยาก OC แรงมา Mods Vcore กัน
    The below guide is in it's entirety original content both picture and text and is soley owned by myself. No portion has been copied from any other source.

    Using this mod i was able to achieve a stable 3.0GHz overclock @ 1.5v of my Opteron 1212(2.0GHz).

    Before attempting this mod set your Vcore settings in BIOS to auto just to be on the safe side.

    This is an extremely easy mod to do and works very well. It is a Vid 3 mod i chose this as it offers the best variety of voltage options. This chip is limited to 1.55v by specification but of course will go a bit higher but i would not suggest doing so as it may damage it.

    Controller chip shown is an ST L6714D used on many ASRock boards and will marked as such. The chip should be located directly above the CPU socket and on this board is plain veiw although on other models it may be covered by the retainer. The solder pads bridged correspond too pin 42 so if your board has this chip you can simply trace the route to the pads from said pin and bridge using conductive ink/solder. Unless your real handy with an iron i would use conductive ink or a window defroster repair kit (just connective ink anyway) found at almost any auto parts store for around $7.00.
    Be careful too cover the surrounding area very well only leaving the 2 pads to be bridged exposed.

    For best results apply the connective ink slighty past each pad. DO NOT however allow your ink to touch ANY other pad or pin or any other surrounding metal/solder otherwise you may end up with a dead boar

    Datasheet for the ST L6714 with pin placement schematic can be found here in PDF format.Datasheet

    Corresponding Vcore setting in BIOS after mod.
    0.8V = 1.0V
    0.825V = 1.025V
    0.85 V = 1.05V
    0.875V = 1.075V
    0.9V = 1.1V
    0.925V = 1.125V
    0.95V = 1.15V
    1.175V = 1.375V
    1.20V = 1.40V
    1.225V = 1.425V
    1.25V = 1.45V
    1.275V = 1.475V
    1.3V = 1.5V
    1.325V = 1.525V
    1.35V = 1.55V

    I hope that some ASRock owners will find this helpful it is a very cheap,easy and effecient way to turn your ok motherboard into a pretty decent overclocker. As long as your ASRock motherboard has the ST L6714D or L6714 tension controller this mod or a slight variation thereof should work no matter the socket.

    UPDATED: It seems this chip is also used on some ASRock products for Intel processors, the best way to determine if your motherboard does indeed utilize this chip is took visually locate it,if it is the L6714 or L6714D it will printed on the top of the chip.

    *I would like to thank whe3ls for helping me make the decision to use the defrost repair paint. So thanks!


    * Both text and photo are original content. The photo of the L6714D chip and mod is an actual image of the results after applied to my motherboard.

    If you choose to apply this modification you do so at your own risk and neither myself or OCN assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result. Hardware modification will most likely void your warranty consider yourself warned.


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    เคยอ่ะ แต่ไม่ใช่บอร์ดตัวนี้

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