Long time ago, I hope I could take part in some classes to strengthen my health and my good figure. But due to my special job as a salesman, I don't have enough time to do that. So I bought one DVD of yoga, I hope I could do that through watching DVD. So I put DVD into my computer to be ready to practice, unfortunately all my players can't read them. I feel so upset. I tried to look for nearly all the ways I knew to deal with it, but nothing had happened. One of my friends introduce AiseesoftDVD Riper to me. I tried it, yes, it works. Now I could play yoga anytime and anywhere when I am free. It is benifit both for my health and my figure, I love this feelings. Now I hope I could help you through my experiences.

This guide aims to show you how to convert DVD to different video format both for windows/mac users.

Part 1: How to Convert DVD on Windows with AiseesoftBest DVD Ripper

Step 1: Load DVD
Put your DVD to your DVD Drive and click "Load DVD" button to add your DVD

Step 2: Choose Profile
Choose your output video profile from a drop-down list.

Step 3: Start Conversion win

Part 2: How to Convert DVD on Mac with AiseesoftDVD Ripper for Mac

Step 1: Load DVD
Click the "Load DVD" button, find the DVD folder of the movie you want to add from your DVD-ROM, and Click "Open".
Step 2: Choose output profile and settings

Selecting output format is really easy, you can chose your output format according to your devices players and the default setting works great.
For a veteran of digital player, you could customize your own settings by clicking "Settings" button to chose your own video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, encoder, etc.
Step 3: Start Conversion

What amazing softwares! I hope it is helped for all of you.