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    Default The new forces on board- AMD Opteron1218 AM2

    Do you have any recall that the burning hot AMD 939 Opteron series?
    It has been caused a shopping rush by its 1mb cache memory, a server level
    and the wide range of overclocking ability.

    It is a big sale for 939 Opteron 144/146 and the dual core model 165 since
    this month.
    That makes many 939 users and peoples who want to keep their AGP graphic
    are trying to upgrade their systems.

    I have just brought 3 Opteron144…

    Distributor’s goods

    The overclock ability of these 3 Opteron144 single-core above are quite
    In 1.5V above, they almost reach 2.9G~3G in a steady status.

    Get to the point; unfortunately, it’s almost 5 months since AM2 launched into
    But, it’s seldom to hear any information about Opteron Server series.
    (AM2 Opteron CPU has some relative news in media few days ago.)

    This time, I try to test Opteron 1218 AM2 version,
    1mb cache with dual cores and the default MHz is 2.6G

    Test platform:
    CPU:AMD AM2 Opteron1218
    MB: LANParty UT NF590 SLI-M2R
    DRAM:Mushkin Tuner XP Redline
    HD:Seagate 7200.5 120GB
    POWER:Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply

    Default 2600MHz

    Performance test by Sandra and Everest

    PI 1m and CPU Mark(coz test with an old model HD and a “mess up” system,
    PI will be a little slower)

    overclocked to 3014MHz
    Performance test by Sandra and Everest

    PI 1M

    quite stably when 3G Dual-core in 1.488V

    Of course, the result above is not the limit of 1218.
    It’s possible to have a higher clocking.

    although, AMD’s performance are slightly fall behind, but if all series have a
    better Cost/ performance ratio, AMD still the best choice for mid-range &
    value consumers.

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    6 Sep 2006


    OMG... I wish to try it soon.

    Thanks for your post mate

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    pantip มีขายครับ
    เห็นที่ร้านชั้นสอง ที่ขาย server



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