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    Default The high-end model, DFI LANParty LT X38-T2R works great with reasonable DDR2 memory

    The most popular chipset of 1st half year of 2007 must be Intel’s P35 + ICH9R.
    So, X38 should be the most eye-catching chipset in the 2nd half year of 2007.
    The differences between X38 and P35 are PCI-E 2.0 and Crossfire bandwidth as x16 + x16.

    X38 is mainly support DDR3 memory. Some 1st tier manufacture has launched their X38 mobo around October.
    After a month, DFI also launched their X38 motherboard too.
    Meanwhile, DDR3 is relatively expansive.
    Therefore, DFI “mix and match” X38 with DDR2 for a higher C/P ratio product.

    The new model of X38 is a LANParty LT series.
    They uses mostly white and blue color to light up the package box with some special clothing.

    The accessories:
    The menu, Driver CD, Cables, IO shield.
    The audio part, they features Bernstein audio module, which uses ALC885 high definition codec.

    The north bridge heat sink
    DFI provides a high-level thermal paste- SHIN-ETSU X23-7783D

    As per last model LP680i, this one can also add a fan on the heat sink too.

    DFI LANParty LT X38-T2R motherboard:

    The lower left of the board
    *a total of three PCIe x16 slots (3way crossfire or a crossfire + physics render card)
    1 x PCIe x1 slot
    3 x PCI slots
    Below VIA chipset, is the connecting port of Bernstein audio

    The lower right:
    1x Floppy
    8 x SATA II (ICH9R + JMB 363)
    ICH9R supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5
    JMB363 supports RAID 0, 1

    The upper right:
    1x IDE
    4x DIMM DDRII support 667/ 800/ 1066.

    The upper left:
    LANParty series keep using 8-phase digital PWM for CPU power supplying.
    I know you can order a Transpiper separately.

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    IO parts:
    6 x USB 2.0
    1 x 1394
    2 x Gigabit LAN (supports Teaming function)

    X38 Chipset has a different way to cover the chipset itself

    Installed Northbridge

    Start-up screen

    The ratio and voltage settings

    DRAM multiplier settings

    CPU Feature

    DRAM‘s settings

    This setting might be push the DRAM’s performance a bit higher

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    The voltage settings

    The DRAM’s voltage setting

    Northbridge’s voltage setting

    PC Health Status

    The test bed
    CPU:INTEL Core 2 Extreme QX6800/QX9770
    MB: DFI LanParty LT X38-T2R
    DRAM:CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF
    VGA:ELSA 8800GT 512M
    POWER:Corsair HX520W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler:Thermaltake V1

    Software and monitoring control interface

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    The performance of the CPU,
    The Quad core FSB at 462MHz, stable at 4X Super PI 32M

    The performance of DDRII
    1200 CL5 5-5-15 1.85V
    A single Super PI 32M stable

    1.9V Dual SP2004, 2GB full loaded and stable

    1200 CL4 4-4-9 2.35V
    Single Super PI 32M stable

    2.41V Dual SP2004, 2GB also full-loaded stable

    The test of memory’s bandwidth

    The DRAM part, this board is “inherent” the good traditional from DFI, it still keeps the high record.
    It even can use a lower voltage setting than P35.

    3D parts
    8800GT OC




    The basic performance of X38 is a little bit higher than P35, besides, the VGA supports x16 + x16 bandwidth.
    It just like a “value-add” for X38.

    DFI LANParty LT X38-T2R
    The merits:
    1)a special style design for both package and relative covers
    2)All solid-state capacitors
    3)rich and variety BIOS setting and wide range of voltage options
    4)8-phase digital PWM and the isolated Bernstein audio module
    5)The board utilizes DDR2 for a cheaper cost to users. The performance is excellent

    The drawbacks:
    1)The launch day of DFI X38 was two months later than the others
    2)If the price of the LANParty X38 can be down a little, more users will love it, I think.
    3)The OC of Quad core CPU doesn’t better than P35

    X38/ P35, Intel made them as a main product in 2007.
    X38 is almost like P35, but the Dual x16 VGA and PCIe 2.0.

    The Quad cores CPU seems hard to reach the record of P35. but it still can reach 550 to 600MHz.

    If you want a upgrade VGA platform, X38 is almost a best choice for you,
    particularly it has dual x16 VGA and PCIe2.0 supports.
    But if budget is your first consideration. P35 is still the best choice for you!!

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    อ.เมือง ระยอง



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    งดงามแต่ทำไมชอบออกช้าจังเลย X38 ไม่ต้องเอาแล้วเอา X48 เลย

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    ตัวนี้ไม่ใฃช่ตัวท๊อปน่ะครับ ซีรี่ย์ Lanparty เหมือนกัน เเต่ LTน่ะครับ ไม่ใช่UT ท๊อปสุดต้องUTครับ

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    สวยดี ภาคจ่ายไฟดิจิตอลลล

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