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    Warning W3104 - Current transfer mode not optimal, i.e. not highest supported. This affects drive performance. If the controller is also capable of the highest supported transfer mode, there is no reason not to use it.

    Fix: First check controller supported transfer modes. Then check the mode the driver for the controller/BIOS is set to use and modify; some default to a lower mode for compatibility. You may need to install newer drivers if the current drivers do not natively support the controller (especially for RAID). You may need to update the controller BIOS or drive firmware, if the mode does not stick. If data corruption occurs verify the cable and consider switching (if any) drives on the same channel onto other channels.

    If the built-in controller does not support the mode, consider using the on-board/RAID controller or even disable the built-in controller and install a new controller.
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    Tip T229 - ECC is not enabled for the L3 cache. Modern server CPUs have ECC L3 cache. Any cache errors can be detected and corrected (2 & 1 bit respectively)

    Fix:. This option should always be enabled for stability.
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    Warning W5009 - Mobile processors may yield lower indexes in power management modes when throttling is enabled. Unlike desktop/standard processors that run at the maximum speed all the time (except some sleep modes) modern mobile processors are capable of multiple performance modes that vary the frequency and core voltage based on utilisation and power.

    Fix: If the index is lower than expected, check the manual to see how to force the processor to run at the highest rated speed or highest performance mode.

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