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Thread: ขอโปรแกรม EPLAN 5.5 กับ WINCCหน่อยนะคับ

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    Default ขอโปรแกรม EPLAN 5.5 กับ WINCCหน่อยนะคับ

    ขอโปรแกรม EPLAN 5.5 กับ WINCCหน่อยนะคับ



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    Default อบรมโปรแกรม Easic

    EPLAN Training Center (ต.ท้ายบ้านใหม่ อ.เมือง จ.สมุทรปราการ)
    โทร. 02-138-1685 คุณป้อง
    โทร. 086-085-3465

    Agenda for EPLAN Electric P8 Basic Training

    อบรม 6 วัน
    ทุกเสาร์-อาทิตย์ เริ่มเรียน 9 มิถุนายน 2555 - 24 มิถุนายน 2555
    [9.00 น. - 16.00 น.]
    มีตำราภาษาอังกฤษ, VDO, โปรแกรม EPLAN Electric P8 2.1 Trial, ชีทภาษาไทยให้ คนละ 1 เล่ม
    คอมพิวเตอร์ 1 คนต่อ 1 เครื่อง
    ห้องแอร์ เย็นสบาย
    มีอาหารกลางวันเลี้ยง พร้อมของว่างรับรอง

    1. Introduction
    ? EPLAN Software Platform
    ? EPLAN Implementation concept

    ? Introduction of EPLAN software platform for industry engineering.
    ? Introduce implementation concept of EPLAN software.
    ? Basic/Detail training
    ? Standardization
    ? Implementation
    ? Integration
    ? Automation.

    2. Starting with EPLAN Electric P8 Installation
    ? Installation and configuration of EPLAN Electric P8
    ? Configure System master data directory
    ? Method of validation code entry
    ? Select license access method

    ? This is the important topic as most of the user might done the mistake during the installation.
    ? During the installation system will request user for the system master data directory and some configuration.
    ? After installation, for the 1st start-up, system will ask for the validation code to operate the software. There are few method will be show on the training.

    3. Project management
    ? Open & close project
    ? Project properties
    ? Copy & delete project
    ? Backup & restore project
    ? Project management.
    ? Create project
    ? new (pre-define)
    ? Project structure

    ? The project management allow user to create a project by using Basic project template. User may create this template according to their drawing standard format or project structure.
    ? The systems allow user to backup project means to compress it and send out through email.

    4. Software Option Setting
    ? Project Setting
    ? Standard plot frame setting
    ? Assign Symbols library
    ? User Setting
    ? Background color setting
    ? Grid size setting
    ? Master data directory setting
    ? Workstation & Company Setting
    ? Front Setting
    ? PDF export setting

    ? Explain what are the standard setting need

    5. Page Management
    ? Page navigation
    ? Open & create page
    ? Page type
    ? Page properties
    ? Copy & delete page
    ? Copy From / To?
    ? Re-number & sorting page
    ? External document handling (PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, Picture files, etc?)

    ? By using page navigator, user may create page, copy & paste and re-number page easily and how to handle external document.

    6. Schematic Creation
    ? Graphical user interface
    ? Layer Management
    ? Design mode
    ? Relative coordinate input (Ctrl + Shift + R)
    ? Edit Graphic toolbar function
    ? Image / Hyperlink
    ? Text
    ? Potential Connection point (Potential)
    ? Interruption point (Signal)
    ? Diagonal Connection
    ? Bundle connection
    ? Placing symbols
    ? Connection point Designation
    ? Display symbols properties
    ? Move properties text
    ? Cross reference
    ? Busbar connection point
    ? Break point
    ? Edit in table
    ? Black Box and Device connection point
    ? Convert component into graphic
    ? Location Box
    ? Contact Image
    ? Insert cable
    ? Insert wire
    ? Direct Editing
    ? Smart Connect
    ? Potential tracking & Signal tracking
    ? Using all the features and tools for creating schematic and graphic page.


    7. Macro, Macro variant & Macro technology
    ? Create window macro and page macro
    ? Macro variant
    ? Representation type of macro
    ? Place holder object attach to macro

    ? Create the standard schematic or repeated schematic as macro
    ? Creation of technical characteristic into the macro (Placeholder text assignment)

    8. Parts Management
    ? Create new parts
    ? Assign symbol, macro and function template in to device
    ? Attach graphic picture, external document
    ? Assign parts dimension and attach graphical macro

    ? Creation of parts database according to the manufacture
    ? User may assign symbol, macro and function template into the parts data

    9. Mounting Panel (Applicable for Select, Professional package or add on mounting panel features user)
    ? Create panel mounting plate
    ? Create cable duct
    ? Panel layout navigation
    ? Place and unplaced device

    ? Panel layout navigator provide all the parts create at the project, this allow user to drag and drop the parts from the navigator.
    ? The navigator become the monitor list for user to acknowledge what are the parts that not yet mount to the panel or enclosure.

    10. Create basic project template
    ? Basic project template

    ? Method of how to create project template

    11. User Interface
    ? Workspace creation
    ? Toolbar creation
    ? Scheme method
    ? Keyboard shortcut

    ? User can easily adapt the entire user interface including window arrangement and toolbars to their needs and wishes. The setting can be saved and retrieved as workspaces as need.
    ? This allow user to save default for work standards and processes. This allows the user to focus the actual work because the user interface customized to suit the task at hand allows efficient and fast planning.

    12. Reports
    ? Assign reports form and method of generation
    ? Filter & sorting function for report generation
    ? Manual placement (enclosure legend on mounting panel)
    ? Assign report template

    ? Method of generate report and using able to create a filter for the report
    ? User may also generate the report attach to the schematic

    13. Output
    ? Print
    ? Import/export to dxf, dwg or image
    ? Export to Smart PDF (jump function)
    ? Import PDF comments
    ? Labeling (Export report to excel/text/xml format)
    ? Create report template in excel format

    ? User may export the project into the PDF format with intelligent at the PDF format. There will be jump function at the cross reference.
    ? Able to export the entire project or selected page into CAD format.
    ? User may also generate report into excel/text/xml format.

    Time Break
    10:30 ? 10:45 Coffee break
    12:30 ? 13:30 Lunch break
    15:15 ? 15:30 Coffee break



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