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Thread: problem i cant open browser!!!

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    28 Sep 2007

    Exclamation problem i cant open browser!!!

    I have problem i cant open browser ...
    i hav Broadband is Direct connect from server no need pass/user

    wat i did is i put Lan wire from Broadband Lan to Asus 4port in Lan1 then Lan2 i put to my computer then Lan 3 i put to my wife com. Is work only me but my wife com not work but the 2 small screen is say Connected But Browser dont have picture...
    Pls, can u kindly help me out
    MANY THX To u

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    18 Sep 2006


    ขอดู IP / Subnet / Gatways ของ WAN1 และ WAN2 และ Lan ของ Load Balance หน่อยครับ และ IP / Subnet / Gatways ของ Client ด้วยครับ

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    28 Sep 2007

    Smile Many thank krub!

    Wadde krub K.Jo

    Many Thx K.Jo for reply my post..U the r the best here!!! (what i can see how u post...)

    And Right now! I just change my NEW Router name: TRENDnet and i set them right now is work fine... i follow the Quick Installation Guide that i type in the add: bar and press Enter ...then i continue step by step.

    Many thank you



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