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Thread: AMD Workstation and Sapphire Provide ISV Partners

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    Default AMD Workstation and Sapphire Provide ISV Partners

    AMD Workstation and Sapphire Provide ISV Partners the Optimum Workstation Graphics Options

    [March 10th, 2008, Taipei] Who needs the professional workstation graphics? Today, we will focus on Industrial designers, mechanical engineers and 3D designers. We will discuss on how workstation graphics can make their work more efficiently and productively, To be more efficient and productive, you will need not only the good software, but also the powerful graphics hardware with good compatibility to handle the complex models and rendering large datasets.

    The best partner of AMD - Sapphire Technology provides entire professional AMD workstation graphics product and the technical support in Asia Pacific exclude Japan. ATI FireGLTM V8650 is the most powerful graphics in the industry in the Ultra high-end segment. It has built-in 2GB high-speed memory to process the massive datasets and unprecedented performance. The innovation technology “Auto-Detect” can automatically optimize the hardware to the professional applications that you are using. Designers, developers and engineers are very satisfied with AMD workstation graphics products and are expecting AMD workstation graphics can improve their productivity and bring superior creations.

    MAYA is an important software for DCC (Digital Content Creation) designing. ATI FireGLTM workstation graphics have the outstanding performance in Maya and have surpassed out competitor at the same level of product price point. ATI FireGL Workstation Graphics delivers unprecedented reliability and compatibility over Autodesk MAYA to ensure designers have the most optimized environment for the ultimate productivity.

    “The ATI FireGL TM Unified Shader Architecture — combined with MAYA 2008 support for DirectX HLSL Shaders and other performance and workflow improvements — brings photo-realistic rendering closer to real time. These advancements, taken together, significantly streamline and speed up workflow, editing and rendering for high-resolution characters, environments, and performances.” Said by Rob Hoffmann, Senior 3D Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk. Media & Entertainment.

    AMD workstation are also certified by many professional CAD/CAM/CAE software providers, such as ”Solidworks” and “CATIA”. These certification processes ensures the performance, compatibility and reliability of the ATI FireGLTM Workstation Graphics allowing designers to enhance productivity and creativity over their work

    “Productivity is paramount for SolidWorks users. With tools like SolidWorks SWIFT instant3D and robust ATI FireGL performance to support it, our users get the efficiency they demand, regardless of price point” said by Efrat Ravid, Director of Marketing and Alliances, SolidWorks Corporation.

    “The impressive graphics performance of the new certified line of ATI FireGL graphics accelerators completely meets the expectations of CATIA and ENOVIA DMU users. ATI FireGL delivers such exceptional realism, accuracy, and power that it will significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of our customers.” Said by Laurent Laloy, Director R&D, Dassault Systems.

    With ATI FireGL Workstation Graphics support various professional ISV software, provide leading performance and feature with industry leadership technologies, designers and developers can profit these advantages to make their work more productive.

    For more detailed information, please visit Sapphire website.

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    CATIA คือไรคับ

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    อีกละ เอามาแล้วช่วยแปล หน่อยได้ไหมคับ

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    CATIA คือ โปรแกรมออกแบบ 3D เหมือนกับ Solidwork แหละคับ เพียงแต่ ดังกว่า เท่านั้นคับ ใช้กับงานอุตสาหกรรม รถยนต์ เครื่องบิน เปนต้น



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