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Thread: ขอรบกวนผุ้รู้เร่องการต่อlanหน่อยค้าบ

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    Default ขอรบกวนผุ้รู้เร่องการต่อlanหน่อยค้าบ


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    you need
    1) Wireless Adapter
    2) NIC on each PC
    3) Crossover Lan cable
    After you connect all the element u need to do following
    1) setup your wireless adapter and make sure it properly connect to ur WAN
    2) Config in Windows:
    2.1 Open Network Connection
    2.2 Right click on ur Wireless adapter choose properties
    2.3 Choose Advanced
    2.4 See Advanced.JPG, ur will look very similar to this
    2.4 Press OK
    3) Config NIC on other machine by doing:
    3.1 Open Network Connection
    3.2 Right click on ur NIC choose properties
    3.3 choose general tab
    3.4 click on Internet Protocal(TCP/IP) and click properties see 01.jpg
    3.5 make sure ur properties is as same as 02.jpg
    3.6 press ok twice
    4) Restart both computer (no need, but recommend)
    5) connect to ur WAN and 2nd computer will have internet connection automaticlly
    รูป รูป

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