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Thread: มีปัญหาครับ ??

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    Unhappy มีปัญหาครับ ??

    Crysis DVD9 to 2 x DVD5 [ENGLISH]

    1. Find a drive with 7GB free and create a temp folder called crysis

    2. Open the crysis folder and create another folder inside called DVD1 then copy the contents of your Crysis DVD into this folder.

    3. Download this RAR file: http://www.turboupload.com/download/...glish2DVD5.rar or from here: http://uploaded.to/?id=3bzsat
    and extract it into the crysis folder, overwrite crysis.msi and setup.ini when asked.

    4. There should now be a file called makedvd2.bat in the crysis folder, run this to create DVD2.

    5. You can now put the 1.2 patch and crack (or whatever is the latest patch/crack) in the DVD2 folder if you want, just create a new folder in the DVD2 folder and copy the patch/crack into it! You can also delete the DirectX files from the directx9c folder in DVD2 then download and extract (with Winrar or Winzip) the latest DirectX into the empty folder, the game will then install the latest DiretcX if needed.

    6. Now simply burn the contents of the DVD1 folder to a re-writable DVD with the label Disk1 and then burn contents of the DVD2 folder to a re-writable DVD with the label Disk2 and test the game installs fully.

    7. If all goes OK then burn to 2 x DVD +/-R


    ผมทำมาถึงขึ้นตอนที่ 5 แล้ว ไม่รู้ ทำไงต่ออะ

    ไฟล์ที่crak มันอันไหนอะ มีเยอะแยะไปหมด ทั้งfolder ทั้ง.cab

    จะบ้าตาย พอ mount img ดู ก็ไม่มี autorun ใช้ Daemon tool อะนะ


    PS.patch ผมยังไม่ลงคับ เด๋วรอลงเกมส์ก่อนอะ
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