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Thread: มีข่าวว่า x-fi titanium ใช้ hardware decoder ได้ (ไม่เป็นทางการ)

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    Default มีข่าวว่า x-fi titanium ใช้ hardware decoder ได้ (ไม่เป็นทางการ)

    บอกเล่า 9-10 ไม่ชัวร์ หวังว่ามันจะใช้ได้จริงๆ


    yes, for all you people waiting for the Auzentech's Prelude X-Fi 7.1 -- there's better news:

    Creative's own X-Fi Fatality PCIe Titanium! It has both dolby digital live encoding, (basically everything that the Auzentech has) plus more! Optical input will make this sound card act like a digital receiver to decode both DD5.1 and DTS audio streams straight from your PC! Got a PS3 and using your high def monitor to play? No problem! Plug an optical cable from your ps3 to your X-Fi Fatality Titanium and you get the FULL benefits! Yes.. I'm a sad owner of the Auzentech's Prelude 7.1, and the poor tech support, and driver issues, makes me wanna sell it for the creative card. Not only that, Creative Drivers WILL NOT WORK with the Auzentech!

    The Auzentech IS a great card, but with drivers not even equalling HALF of the capabilities of a Creative card, it's just not worth the $200 retail price for it.
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