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Thread: เเปลให้หน่อยครับปมไม่เก่งปะกิดอ่า

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    Default เเปลให้หน่อยครับปมไม่เก่งปะกิดอ่า

    « Gigabyte Now developing DDR2 X48 3G Phenom X4 with Superpi »
    QX6850 VS QX9650 VS PhenomX4 @ Crysis
    October 29th, 2007 by Jeff AMD, CPU, Games, Intel
    Thanks to the built-in CPU/GPU branchmark system of Crysis, we can easily finish CPU/GPU branchmark on this game. The GPU branchmark will finish today,before that let’s have some branchmark score of CPUs:QX6850,QX9650,Phenom X4.For more balance, Phenom X4 is already OC to 3GHz(15×200MHz) .Because the built-in Memory controller of Phenom have some auto setting funtion, so the memory frenquency is set to 375MHz automatically.

    The mobos we are using: AMD’s RD790 and Intel’s P35. All the settings(including the game)are all default. Graphis card is 8800GTX, the driver is the newest 169.01. All the tests are running in XP. Do you still remember the date that the two new CPU become available?
    Intel QX9650:Nov 12, 2007
    AMD Phenom X4:Nov 20,2007
    Here is some test details:
    Intel E6850:

    Intel QX6850:

    Intel QX9650:

    AMD Phenom X4:
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