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Thread: GPU-Z v0.2.7

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    Default GPU-Z v0.2.7

    GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

    Revision History

    Added display for GPU release date. The data is incomplete, if you have more info please post in the sticky thread in the support forums.
    Added display for transistor count
    Added mouseover readings for sensors graph
    Correctly named the three on-die sensors of RV770 and RV730
    Added support for voltage regulator monitoring on HD 4870 and HD 4870 X2
    RV770 GPU on HD 4870 X2 now called R700
    Added support for reading HD 4870 X2 3D clocks
    Added display of CrossFire Sideport status on HD 4870 X2
    Added more RV730 device IDs
    Added support for GeForce 9800 GT, 9800M GT, 9600M GT, 9700M GS/GT, 9500M G
    Added detection for RS780D
    Fixed incorrectly read ATI OD5 clocks
    Fix for memory clock reading on RV730
    Fixed ROM reading on RV730
    Fixed crash when no supported card detected
    Sensor graph width adjusted when scrollbars visible


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    จ๊ากก 9800GTX+ ผมก็ยังเป็น 65nm.... ชักเสียว
    แต่ก็มันเป็น 65จริง ไมมันเย็นกว่า g92 อื่นๆเยอะมากๆ



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