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Thread: EK Water Blocks for R700

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    Default EK Water Blocks for R700

    More water-cooling solutions for AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2 are en route with EK Water Blocks preparing no less than three waterblock for the new dual-GPU card. Called EK-FC4870 X2 - Acetal CF, EK-FC4870 X2 - CF Nickel and EK-FC4870 X2 CF, the new blocks measure 206 x 118,5 x 7,5mm, feature all-copper bases and differ only through the material used for their top - polyoxymethylene (POM) for the former and good ol' acrylic glass for the latter two.

    Set to start selling this Wednesday, the Acetal CF, EK-FC4870 X2 - CF Nickel and EK-FC4870 X2 CF are priced at 114.95 Euro, 119.50 Euro and 109.96 Euro respectively.

    EK-FC4870 X2 - Acetal CF

    EK-FC4870 X2 - CF Nickel

    EK-FC4870 X2 CF

    source: tcmagazine.com

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