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    Hey guys,

    Just a warning for a somewhat long post.

    Alright, so after trying Turok at my friend's I decided to buy it (reluctant about it at first, but now hoping for an active modding community mostly for it in the future, the game I believe has nice potential for that, given that the developers release an SDK that is). From what I saw I thought it was quite decent... and well, with that said I got a problem...

    He and I don't have the same system, he has an AMD processor, Phenom I believe, and an ATi/AMD graphics card, one from the X2K series I think, not sure which model exactly. And the rest except from the Mobo is similar (that means the sound card, the OS, the media drives and so on). I myself got an Intel C2D E8400, A Gigabyte Mobo (X38-DQ6), the same sound card than him (SB X-Fi XTremeMusic) and an ASUS EN8800GTS 640MB. I'm on Windows XP 32-Bit.

    Now, after the game's installation I immediately made sure that:

    1) I had AGEIA PhysX Drivers installed (the game itself installed them, it was on DVD)
    2) I had Visual Studio C++ 2005 Redist from Microsoft.com (because my friend told me that I should have that installed for that game to work properly)
    3) I had .NET Framework installed
    4) I had the latest DX9 update installed, which is the case indeed

    Now when I try to launch the game either by letting the DVD run the launcher by itself or when clicking on the .EXE or shortcut for it I get the same error each time, which is that one: http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/2729/errorga0.png

    I phoned my friend back about that and he just got no clue about that error. So here I am asking for some help. The first time I tried running the game I was on SP2, but I recently installed SP3 and it didn't help the situation (as I expected). Also, the first time I tried it (and got the error) I was using a different graphics card driver, namely a Beta ForceWare version, the 174.93's. I just installed a newer version today, the 175.16's, but it doesn't help at all.

    So, do anyone know what's that error all about? Am I missing something?


    P.S/ Remember this is about the PC version.

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