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    Default Service IT or IT help desk

    HELLO, My name is Tim.

    I saw the some job for work on my skill.


    Or service
    secret-service (price with talk)

    I am 24 year old H 165 W 95 white guy region THAI

    Leasted study at bachelor degree an accountant

    But, I like to work about it.

    My skill at all

    I was open small shop an 4year all of past.

    What my shop do.
    Ex. Fix computer basic
    Install os me.xp. all value 32.64bit (realpack or mod pack)

    Install program option some fuction of MS os.

    J.I.T. for work fastest to install windows(ghost)

    15 minnute with all program and 10 minute no program

    In all time ended test run. Every PC.NB I have done. Ready to send back to custommer.

    List spec for custommer want to use about company work. And money limit.

    I done with part of pc.nb is must work go on all part. And no fuction nockdown. I set and mange to make with set bios set bus set sb.nb to real match with any part on pc.nb and test run again. An be sure with my think is job done.

    Sale and buy some part of PC.NB with real market price. Or my company plan.

    I have good communication for all people. For talk with case to fix PC.NB.


    Use my skill with excellent. To any work. For good job every time

    And go to terget with all thing.


    Go to find exp up for my life.

    If some company or some one want to use my service.
    Just do with down here.

    Call. +6691 194 9291

    Or pm to this user.

    My slary want for my work.
    35,000bath for M. At Thai

    3,900$ for M at internationallity

    My ENG some word will wrong , I am sorry at here. Respect all.

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