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    Default AMD Teases ?Core Is Back? Teaser and Core Evolution Video ? New CPU Announcement Poss

    AMD has just posted their ?Core is Back? teaser over at their Facebook page which hints at an imminent CPU announcement. Now this may sound crazy but this actually coming from AMD?s official Facebook and Youtube pages makes this so much more interesting that we couldn?t wait to find out what this announcement is about actually.

    AMD CORE IS BACK Teaser Video

    AMD Teases ?Core Is Back? Teaser and Core Evolution Video
    AMD is teasing their upcoming CPU announcement with a picture on their Facebook page and a CGI Video on their YouTube channel. The Facebook page and Youtube Video lists down the following statements:
    The war continues to rage and battles may be lost but heroes will evolve.#AMDEvolved via AMD Facebook
    ?In your PC, applications battle for resources. While powerful CORE hardware fights to maintain the balance. But the war never ends. And the applications only get stronger. Battles may be lost. But heroes will EVOLVE. CORE IS BACK!? via AMD YouTube
    When I first saw this picture, I thought it was some fan prompting AMD to release a new CPU but after looking at the teaser video, I become quite excited myself. As you can note, the ?Core is Back? title is a conformation that a new CPU announcement is coming and some might even say that core can also be used for GPU but if you take a look at the video, you will notice that applications and CPU have a mutual relationship and makes it the only device to do such a teaser announcement for. The video itself is called ?Core Evolution? which hints that the new core technology is an evolution of an existing architecture. So this could be a new FX launch, an updated Kaveri APU or a FX APU based on Steamroller architecture with the iGPU disabled for faster core clock speeds.

    The updated Kaveri APU makes little sense since AMD launched their Kaveri APUs early this year and the mobile parts recently hit the market. AMD did launch Richland (an updated Trinity design) 7 months after Trinity but it has only been 5 months since Kaveri has been out so it makes little sense to replace it this early and its successor, codenamed Carrizo is planned for launch in 2015. The FX APU could be possible since AMD hasn?t released a standalone x86 processor based on the Steamroller architecture yet for the FX platform considering that it will require an updated platform and socket to support the new processors. But then, this could also mean that AMD might just release a new FX platform shipping with new and powerful Steamroller processors.
    There?s also a hint in the video that this may just be a faster clocked revision of a current processor or APU. Showing that applications have become stronger but heroes will evolve, the hero here is the product in question and its evolution is either an enhanced design or faster clock speeds rather than a totally new core architecture.

    However after watching the video a second time, I came along this interesting logo at the very end which you can see above. As you can note, this is an AMD A-Series logo which has been used for AMD?s Accelerated Processing Units and this makes me believe that this is a new A-Series launch rather an FX CPU. I may be wrong but I need a legitimate reason that why could this not be a A-Series launch if there?s a A-Series logo being displayed at the end of the video? So this could possibly mean that AMD is releasing an update Kaveri APU sooner or later which may be a gap filler until Carrizo launches next year or something with HBM on-die. Now I am making this up but hey, I can dream right?
    The robotic figure also represents the evolution part because if you would have seen the older Richland CGI video which was revealed last year, you would note that the robotic AMD samurai army had nothing more than swords to defend them but since heroes have evolved, we are looking at one of the robot?s arm transformed into a mechanical gun while the other hand will stick to the old fashioned sword warfare. The current video is an prologue and AMD will release a sequel to this short clip shortly with more details on the upcoming processor. Till then, ill leave it on you folks to decide what this announcement could be about?

    AMD News Vs Old Robot Guy Comparison:

    AMD 12 Core A-Series APU Possibly Inbound ? PR Material Hinting Twelve Steamroller Cores Found

    Read more: http://wccftech.com/amd-12-core-aser...#ixzz38YGUV9sP


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    อัยย่ะ หวยลงที่ apu หรือปล่าวหว่า = =*

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    อยากได้ APU 12 core แต่การ์ดจอแค่พอไปวัดวาได้มากกว่า

    สาย all around ก็มีไปแล้วแต่ยังขาดด้าน Performance จริงๆจังๆ

    ว่าไปถ้าไม่นับ FX นี่คงถือว่าเป็น APU กันหมดละนะไม่ว่าค่ายไหนแต่เน้นไปทางไหนแค่นั้นเอง

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    จะมีจริงๆหรือ 12 คอร์แค่ 4 ยังใช้ไม่หมดเลย

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    12 core หมายถึง cpu 4 core+ gpu 8 core ไหมนิ

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    ^ ตามนั้น

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    Quote Originally Posted by dekmepz View Post
    12 core หมายถึง cpu 4 core+ gpu 8 core ไหมนิ
    cpu 8 gpu 4 แทนไม่ได้เหรออออ

    แล้วอาจจะได้เห็น core เต็มไม่ไช่ โมดูลด้วยดิ เนี่ยประเด็น อาจเป็นคราบของ พี่หน่อม(Phenom) มาแปลง apu ก็ได้



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