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Thread: Asus 3850 Trinity เห็นกันยังมะรู้เอามาฝาก

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    Talking Asus 3850 Trinity เห็นกันยังมะรู้เอามาฝาก


    Being a research and design employee for a technology company can be a pretty hectic job, new product after new product is released and it is up to you to ensure your employer has the best version available. As journalists who review products regularly we can empathise with R&D guys because there are occasions where several launches come along in quick succession and it can be a hectic time.

    So what do R&D guys do to unwind and what do they get up to in those rare times when they do not have deadlines to meet? Well, they have some fun creating new products which are not necessarily aimed at being launched, just a test of what can be done... and that brings us to today’s product.

    The Trinity is a unique graphics card created by the VGA R&D department at Asus and today we will be taking a look at it to find out what the end result is when these guys play around.


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