In Greek mythology, pandora bijoux soldes was the first woman who was created by all the gods as a gift to mankind. Each god gave a unique seductive gift to create her just to make her irresistible for man. Just as the name implies, pan-dora ("all-endowed" or "all-gifted") processes the best of all kinds, and the best of all kinds joins and mould to make them even better.

This explains where pandora bijoux pas cher is originated from. Pandora jewelry is a global jewelry brand founded in Denmark on 1982. With a long history in fashionable and unique designing, Pandora jewelry was reputed for its great originality and first-rank quality. It consists of rings, charms, birthstones and bracelets. Pandora jewelry allows the wearer to buy and arrange Pandora beads. By providing unique and different favors of beads, wearer can create their own exclusively designed necklaces and bracelets which suit them. If you want, precious gemstones can be added to the Pandora jewelry to create an exotic look to attract plenty of attention wherever you go. Pandora jewelry has created more than 800 handcrafted charms, available in sterling silver, 14k gold, murano glass, semi-precious stones or precious gems. Pandora charms are Pandora jewelry's most popular line of product. Pandora jewelry is perhaps best know for its bourgeois twist on the classic charm bracelet (see figure below), which is introduced in 1999.

pandora charms prix beads can come in antithetical signs, flowers and animal imprints, symbols, zodiac signs, colors and substances that offer you endless selections and combination. With Pandora style jewelry, the beads move freely and rotate slightly with your wrist's movement, creating an undeniable eye catching and stunning effect. Pandora jewelry has given women throughout the world the chance to wear their own personal testimonial to life's unforgettable moments, and thus become part of their timeless story about romantic and fun moments forever. Just because Pandora style can be so personal and unique, it has become a rage among women across the world. Pandora fans emerge from all over the world and form "Pandoraholics" clubs or associations for express their love for the irresistible gifts from the gods.