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    Default ไดร์เวอร์ ATi XG WarCat 7.1

    ไม่รู้มีใครลองใช้หรือยัง นอกจาก Omega กับ NGO ตัวนี้เป็นไดร์เวอร์อีกตัวที่ใช้ได้ดีทีเดียว
    ลองมา1คืนก็เวิรก์ดีอัพเดตบ่อยดีครับลองใช้กันดูครับผม ^^

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    Updated installer to version 4.0;
    -Fixed installation bugs;
    -Improvements over the lower series, like the 9XX0 and the X series;
    -Fixed performance issues in games;
    -Fixed performance issues in benchmarks;
    -Higher performance when having AA enabled due to WarCat AA;
    -Updated WarCat rendering technique;
    -Contrast enhancements for better IQ, more vivid colores;

    XG WarCat Rendering Technique
    -WarCat Anti-Aliasing has been updated. It consists in higher performance and IQ over the Catalyst Driver;
    !NOTE: This technique is still under work, it is functional but not 100% !
    !NOTE: Some applications might detect temporal anti-aliasing as being enabled !
    !Hopefully it will be ready by WarCat 7.2 or 7.3!

    XG WarCat powered Games
    Issues resolved :
    -Fixed some crashes;
    -Fixed some heavy lag issues;
    -Fixed texture flickering in some games, like Painkiller;

    NOTE: The games that have an " * " besides them, were updated !
    NOTE: The games that are marked with " (under work) " ,are supported but they will be updated in a future release;

    Supported games:

    -Titan Quest (still under work);
    -Dawn Of War : Dark Crusade (still under work);
    -Gothic III (still under work);
    -Age of Empires III;
    -Dungeon Siege 2 and Expansion;
    -Call of Duty 2 (still under work);
    -Medieval II: Total War (still under work);
    -Phantasy Star Universe;
    -Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 1, 2 and expansion;
    -Everquest 2 (still under work);
    -Painkiller and expansion " * ";
    -Call of Duty;
    -Hitman Blood Money (still under work);
    -RF Online;
    -The Suffering;
    -Warhammer Mark of Chaos " * ";
    -Lineage II (still under work);
    -X3 Reunion (still under work);
    -City of Heroes/Villains (still under work);
    -Guild Wars and expansions (still under work);
    -Oblivion and expansion;
    -Fable The lost Chapters;
    -Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay;
    -Half-Life 2 and games that run on source engine (Dark Messiah, CS);
    -Battlefield 2/2142;
    -Quake 4;
    -World of Warcraft;
    -Need for Speed Carbon;
    -Neverwinter Nights 2 " * ";
    -Marvel Ultimate Alliance;
    -Need for Speed Most Wanted;
    -Doom 3 and expansion;
    -Warcraft III;
    -F.E.A.R/Extraction POint;
    -Prince of Persia (the trilogy);

    !NOTE: There are no features regarding the profiles or options to change, since it's done by the driver itself. The driver
    was designed and optimised to give a boost when running those games. As you can see, many of the games above are under work.
    We are doing our best to include all the games requested, but we don't have all the games from this world. If you requested
    a game and you find that it's under work, please try to help out. This will increase the boost for the specified game. You're
    not doing it just for you, but for everyone that has that game and runs the WarCat driver.

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    ส่วนอันนี้เป็นผลเทสที่ใช้ไดร์เวอร์ทั้ง 3ตัว C.7.1 Omega และ XG Warcat 7.1 ครับ เป็นผลเทสจากเมืองนอกนะมะใช้เครื่องป๋ม ><

    C7.1 2005

    Omega 2005

    XG Warcat 7.1 2005

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    16 Sep 2006
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    C7.1 2006

    Omega 2006

    XG Warcat 7.1

    ^^ ลองไปใช้กันดูครับ

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    วันก่อนอัพจาก 6.12 ไป 7.1
    1950Pro เคยลากไว้ 612/750 เล่นได้มะมีปัญหา
    พออัพปุ๊บ Carbon ภาพแตกเฉย -*-

    เลยต้องถอยไปตัวเก่า เหอะๆ



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