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Thread: DFI LANParty JR P45-T2RS+4870 Crossfire,brings both OC and Performance for Mirco ATX

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    Default DFI LANParty JR P45-T2RS+4870 Crossfire,brings both OC and Performance for Mirco ATX

    According to Intel roadmap, “P35 + ICH9R” is replaced by “P45 + ICH10R” from 2008 in mainstream segment.
    In hi-end market, the only one choice in LGA775 is “X48”, and X58 will be the next performance king.

    Almost all P45 MB in the market are designed with “ATX” form factor, it’s hard to find an “O.C.” MB in microATX world.
    I hope G45 will change the situation; however, according to my experience, the OC potential may not good enough.

    What we are talking about in this article is DFI LANParty JR series, which embedded with “P45+ICH10R” and “Crossfire Reday!”

    About package
    DFI brings completely different design into JR package, more vivacious than before.
    DFI put a label on the box that describes “Intel OC power off issue fixed!”

    About Accessories
    ABS OC manual, DFI smart connectors and other necessary accessories.

    DFI LANParty JR P45 T2RS
    microATX is very attractive to users who want to build small but powerful system.

    Bottom-left of MB
    2X PCI-E X8(CorssFireX X8+X8)
    1X PCI-E X1
    1X PCI
    LAN chip: Marvell 88E8053 Gigabit LAN
    Audio chip: Realtek ALC885 (HD audio/ 7.1 channels) + Tantalum capacitors.

    Bottom-right of MB
    6 X SATAII(ICH10R)
    ICH10R supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5
    On-board Power/ Reset button and debug LED for DIY users.

    Upper-right of MB
    4 DDRII DIMM (667/ 800/ 1066MHz, max to 1200MHz in OC mode)
    1X IDE(JMicron JMB368)

    Upper-left of MB
    4 phase digital PWM with 12 MOSFET; it’s enough to compatible with both dual-core and quad-core (45nm/ 65nm) processors

    6X USB 2.0
    1X Gigabit LAN
    Optical S/PDIF-out/RCA S/PDIF-out
    The jump in red is “EZ Jumper” for clearing CMOS.

    The new replaceable north bridge cooler could be removed easily, user can install other cooler kit into DFI JR P45-T2RS.

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    21 Sep 2006


    Boot screen

    There are two BIOS interface in JR P45, “Easy mode” and “Advanced mode”.
    You can get into advanved mode by press “F9” in “Genie BIOS setting” page.

    Genie BIOS Setting page
    For dual-core (C0/E0) overclocking, please set CPU Clock0 Skew as 100ps.
    Shutdown after AC loss: fix the “shut down after OC” problem in P45 platform.

    DRAM Timing

    Generally, you can set 0/0/2 or 3/3/1 to get better performance; if you install Corsair Dominator, you can try 4/4/1.

    Voltage page
    CPU VID Special Add +12.5mV~787.5mV
    DRAM Voltage 1.789~3.280V
    SB Core/CPU PLL Voltage 1.55~2.15V
    NB COre Voltage 1.1825~1.9700V
    CPU VTT Voltage 1.10~1.60V
    Vcore Droop Control: help to fix the “voltage drop” problem.
    CPU/North Bridge GTL REF: there are some difference between different CPU (such as C0/ E0/ C1/ R0)

    I often input 0.63/0.67/0.61 or 0.61/0.61/0.61
    FSB Verf: New option in BIOS page. Make user to OC FSB more. (For E0 dual-core, please select 28 or 29)

    PC Health Status

    The platform
    CPU: INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400/Quad Q8200
    DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X4096-9136C5D/TWIN2X2048-8500C5D
    VGA: GIGABYTE HD4870 512MB DDR5 CrossFire
    HD: Seagate 7200.10 320GB
    POWER: Corsair HX1000W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler: Thermaltake BigTyp VP/JETART Nano Diamond

    Core 2 Duo E8400 (E0 version)
    Stable in SP2004 with 500MHz
    NB 1.24V VTT 1.07V

    Stable in HyperPI 32M (Dual processors mode) with 590MHz
    NB 1.45V VTT 1.32V

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    21 Sep 2006


    Stable in HyperPI 4M (Dual processors mode) with 601.4MHz

    NB 1.45V VTT 1.32V

    There are few MBs that could be OC up to 600MHz.
    DFI JR P45 does a great job that reaches 600MHz with in microATX form factor.

    Q8200 M1
    Stable in HyperPI 32M (Dual processors mode) with 500MHz
    NB 1.43V VTT 1.4V

    Passed Super PI 32M and 2M @ 512.6MHz
    NB 1.43V VTT 1.4V

    I also got unexpected outstanding result by OC quad-core CPU.
    Although it cannot pass 500Mhz 4 X 32M, it’s good enough.

    About DRAM
    1GBX2 CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-8500C5D

    DDR2 1200 CL5 5-5-15 2.27V

    2GBX2 CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-9136C5D
    DDR2 1134 CL5 5-5-15 1.9V
    Stable in 3 X SP2004 Blend mode

    Memory Benchmark

    DFI broke the bias about performance in microATX MB.
    The DRAM frequency rose up to 1200MHz by installing 1GB + 1GB; it also performs stable in 1134MHz with installing 2GB + 2GB.

    About graphics
    GIGABYTE HD4870 512MB DDR5 CrossFire
    4870 750/ 1800MHz

    Crysis Benchmark


    microATX but has Crossfire function is so amazing, it’s good for upgrade system in the future.
    If you want a small PC with powerful performance, DFI JR P45-T2RS is the best choice.

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    21 Sep 2006


    About software installation

    Surveillance software
    Of course, you can modify the surveillance software for fantastic SW skin.

    DFI JR P45-T2RS is ABS ready
    OC beginners can download ABS file from DFI web for easy system boost After reboot the PC and press F1,
    the bus speed will auto upgrade from 266 to 333MHz, 333 to 400MHz.

    Some difference between DK P45 and JR P45 in OC setting.
    I tried some OC setting and saved as *.abs file, you can download the file via the link below
    (Description: Dual-core @ 500MHz/ Default voltage; Dual-core @ 600MHz; Quad-core @ 500MHz; 2GB + 2GB DDRII @ 1133MHz)

    windwithme-JR P45-T2RS ABS

    When you upgrade the BIOS, please note that ABS file might be failed because of difference between new and old BIOS version.

    DFI LANParty JR P45 T2RS Conclusion
    1.microATX form factor and vivacious packing design.
    2.All Japan solid cap.; Dual PCIE 8X slot for Crossfire.
    3.Various BIOS options with wide range voltage setting; fixed the “voltage drop” problem.
    4.On-board Power/ Reset buttons for DIY users.
    5.Great DRAM OC potential.
    6.Specific NB cooler with “Replaceable” design.

    1. No Debug LED
    2. Need more exposure in channel.

    Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆
    Materials ★★★★★★★★☆☆
    Appearance ★★★★★★★★☆☆
    Cost/ Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆

    To compare with the ATX P45 + ICH10R (USD $150~$170), the price of DFI LANParty JR P45-T2RS is acceptable (USD $160).

    Most manufacture produced microATX MB with entry-level chipsets, cheap, small and fair performance.
    However, DFI breaks the rule,DFI adopt mid-high chipset into microATX and does bring great performance to the market.
    Some friends of mine want to build small and powerful system, but it’s very hard to find the MB. Now, DFI offers the solution.

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    @ O.C.Tune ทาว์นอินทาว์น



    สวยจริงๆเลยตัวนี้ สีสันสะใจวัยรุ่น

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    เอ่อราคามานเท่าไหร่กานเหรอครับ แล้วรุ่นนี้กะ DFI Lanparty DK P45T2RS Plus แล้วก็ P5Q Deluck อันไหนดีหว่าเหรอครับ ช่วยแนะนำหน่อยครับแหะๆ
    Last edited by whiteII; 20 Oct 2008 at 23:05:13.

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    มี ABS มาแจกด้วยแฮะ ....

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    หุหุ สนุกแระงานนี้

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    เดี๋ยวต้องหา E8400 E0 ลอง abs ซะหน่อยละ หุหุ

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    เห็นมีรีวิวในเว็ปนี้แล้วละ แต่นะตอนนี้ก็ยังไม่มีขายในไทย เสียดาย อยากให้มีขายจัง tkcom ช่วยเอามาขายหน่อยคัฟ -*-

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    ตัวนี้ TK สงสัยจะไม่ทำตลาดละครับ เพราะราคาจี้ตูด P45-T2RS บอร์ด ATX เลย

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    tk บอกเข้ามาประมาณ 20 กว่าๆนะคับ ราคา 5 พันปลายๆ นะคับ

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    บอร์ดตัวนี้เข้ามาเมื่อไหร่ ผมจะย้ายค่าย โดนใจวัยรุ่นจริงๆ

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    ถ้า 20 กว่าๆมาจริงๆ สิ้นเดือนเจอกัน

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    เสียดายมี pci ให้ช่องเดียว ใส่ได้แค่ซาวด์การ์ดเอง ถ้าเป็นอุปกรณ์ที่ใช้อยู่เหลือทีวีจูนเนอร์อดใส่เลย



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