Autodesk Inventor Essentials course (3 วัน)
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inventor essential course

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Core Concepts
Learn the fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design, and creating production-ready part and assembly drawings using Autodesk Inventor 2016.Hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-speciifc design scenarios are included

To provide you with a thorough understanding of the principal 3D design, validation, and documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor 2016.


No previous CAD experience is necessary. However, drafting, design, or mechanical engineering experience is a plus. It is also recommended that the student have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8.

Course Outline

Day 1
Getting Started
+ Autodesk Inventor User Interface
+ Online Help and Tutorials
Parametric Part Design and Basic
+ Designing Parametric Parts
+ Using Project Files for Part Design
Basic Sketching Techniques
Creating 2D Sketches
+ Geometric Constraints
+ Dimensioning Sketches
Basic Shape Design
+ Creating Basic Sketched Features
+ Intermediate Sketching
+ Editing Parametric Parts
+ Creating Work Features
+ Creating Basic Swept Shapes
Detailed Shape Design
+ Creating Chamfers and Fillets
+ Creating Holes and Threads
+ Patterning and Mirroring Features
+ Creating Thin-Walled Parts
Introduction to Surfacing
+ Creating and editing basic surfaces

Day 2

Assembly Design Overview
+ Designing Assemblies
+ Using Project Files for Assembly Design
+ Placing, Creating, and Constraining
+ Placing Existing Components in an Assembly
+ Constraining Components
+ Placing Standard Components Using the
Content Center
+ Basic Part Design in an Assembly
Basic Assembly Tools
+ Identifying Parts in an Assembly
+ Analysis and Motion Tools
Presenting Your Assembly
+ Applying motion to existing assembly
constraints using
+ Drive Constraints or Motion and Transitional
Introduction of the Top-Down Design
technique for creating assemblies.
Using the Frame Generator to create
members in a structural frame work.
Welded Designs
+ Introduction to Weldments
+ Creating Welds
Design Accelerator

Day 3
Design Presentation and Animation
Basic View Creation
+ Drawing Creation Environment
+ Base and Projected Views
+ Section Views
+ Detail Views
+ Managing Views
Dimensions, Annotations, and Tables
+ Automated Dimensioning Techniques
+ Manual Dimensioning Techniques
+ Annotating Holes and Threads
+ Creating Centerlines, Symbols, and
+ Creating Tables
Annotating Assembly Drawings
+ Bill of Materials
+ Creating and Customizing
+ Parts Lists
+ Creating Balloons
Drawing Standards and Resources
+ Setting Drawing Standards
+ Drawing Resources
+ Drive Constraints or Motion and Transitional