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Thread: ใครใช้วิสต้าแล้วไฟฮาร์ดดิสเเดงตลอดมั่ง

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    Default ใครใช้วิสต้าแล้วไฟฮาร์ดดิสเเดงตลอดมั่ง

    ผมใช้ทั้ง ๆที่ไม่เปิดโปรเเกรมอะไรไฟฮาร์ดดิสเเดงตลอดเลยครับ

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    1.window defender มัน scan
    2.Auto Defrag
    3.Vista มันทำ Index
    4.service ตัวหนึ่งของ Nero มันแอบทำงาน ไปดูที ่startup >>>service>>ชื่อ NMIndexingService
    5.antivirus แอบ scan
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    ลองอ่านดูนะครับ....ผมเคย post ถามปัญหานี้ที่ www.vistax64.com แล้วเขาตอบมาตามนี้
    there have been a lot of changes in vista since XP.
    i can not list them all however i can give you several examples of why this is happening

    1. Disc defrag, this is permanently running from the moment you turn on you p.c
    2. System restore/shadow copy, this is constantly checking your system for new software...ect and making backups of you system
    3. Windows defender, this is constantly interrogating you system for any unwanted nasties and unauthorised start-up programs
    4. Windows update, this checks you system to make sure you have all the latest drivers and software to be sure you system is as up to date as possible
    5. Windows side bar, any programs/gadgets you have on your side bar automatically go into you start-up shell thus have priority at first boot

    there are also many more reasons as to why but I'd be here all week telling you
    check out the they can help you loads in understanding vista and what makes it tick

    Actually, in addition to what ripbox listed, Super Fetch is usually a big cause of hard drive activity on boot. Once your computer is booted Super Fetch will start caching data (applications) it thinks you are going use.

    Don't worry thats a good thing, you programs will load faster after that.
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