Expertrans - Professional translation service provide Finance - Bank translations for more than 170 language pairs, from the popular languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Korean, ... to the language is not widely used as Laotian, Thai, Arabic ..

Today, in a dynamic business environment and open, more companies to expand and develop, seek partners and new markets outside the territory of Vietnam. For the active exchange of information, communication and communication is convenient, in addition to hiring staff fluent in foreign languages, the company also focused in the selection of suppliers of translation and interpretation services quality and credibility to carry out the translation of documents related directly to the important issues of enterprises such as financial statements, tax reporting ...

The translation of the financial sector - banks require content must be clear and precise in the use of terminology and presented a science. With many years experience in translation related to this industry, we are confident that the first choice of companies, large corporations at home and abroad.

With a foundation of experience and excellent translators Expertrans confident will meet every request a perfect way!