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Thread: Danamics' liquid metal CPU cooler มันคือหม้อน้ำ

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    Default Danamics' liquid metal CPU cooler มันคือหม้อน้ำ

    เห็นแล้วหนักใจแทน ท่าจะหนักเอาเรื่อง

    Danamics's LM10, the first CPU cooler to use liquid metal based technology, has now become available and can be found around Europe at 280 Euro. To cvasi-celebrate the retail availability, Danamics is offering, for a limited time, the PowerBooster at a discounted price. Found at about 128 Euro, the PowerBooster is an optional device that enhances the LM10's performance by providing its electromagnetic pump with more power.

    Getting back to the LM10, it measures 135 (L) x 172 (H) x 69 (D) mm, weights 900 grams(หนักเกือบโล) (without a fan) and has support for Intel LGA775 and AMD AM2/AM2+. Those aiming to use the cooler with an Intel Core i7 CPU will get the LGA1366 mounting kit for free, from Danamics, after filling a form on its website.

    ต้นตอ: http://www.danamics.com

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