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    Default ขาย ตู้แอมป์ Bass ROLAND รุ่น Cube 20XL ครับ

    ขาย ตู้แอมป์ Bass ROLAND รุ่น Cube 20XL ครับ แทบไม่ค่อยได้ใช้งาน เสียงดี ใช้งานได้ตามปกติ
    ขอขาย 4,500 บาท ครับ ดูขอได้แถวพัฒนาการ 38 และอโศก ติดต่อ 087-5908889 เอกครับ

    : Roland Cube - 20XL

    With over one million CUBE amps sold and going strong, Roland continues to push the envelope with innovative amp technology and design. The latest addition to the top-selling CUBE amp family is the CUBE-XL series. Small and lethal, the 20XL is an affordable yet powerful new member of the XL family.
    The CUBE-20XL delivers 20 watts of output through a high-performance 8" custom speaker. Its compact size is perfect for at-home practice and band rehearsals alike, and is conveniently portable. There are two discrete channels, JC Clean and Lead, plus Solo mode for extra boost. Six BOSS Lead types are provided, including the new Extreme. Nine effects are onboard, including Heavy Octave, COSM vintage Spring Reverb, and Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume. An Aux Input allows portable music players to be connected for jam-along fun, while the onboard Tuning Fork lets you tune your guitar without unplugging.

    - 20-watt guitar amp with 8? high-performance speaker
    - Two channels: Independent JC Clean and Lead plus Solo function for extra boost
    - Six Lead types, including the new Extreme amp
    - Nine effects, including the new Heavy Octave and COSM vintage Spring Reverb
    - Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume
    - Convenient audible tuner lets you tune your guitar without unplugging

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