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Thread: รูปชิป 55nm GT200 ตัวเป็นๆ

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    Default รูปชิป 55nm GT200 ตัวเป็นๆ

    According to the image we have on hand, the mark of GT200b on GeForce GTX260 graphic card will change from 65nm “G200-103-A2″ to be “G200-103-B2″. The “B” means latest 55nm processing technology, and its production cycle happened during the 33rd week of this year (August 11th to 17th), only 5 weeks after G200-103-A2 which was manufactured in the 28th week. Therefore, obviously NVIDIA had prepared for a long time.

    Remark: The earliest version of GeForce GTX260 utilized GT200 with 192SP, and it was marked as “G200-100-A2″.

    The first of new GTX260 graphic cards will hit the market in January next year. The number of its stream processors will maintain as 216, and its memory frequency is unchanged as well. The reference and non-reference versions cards will be on sale at the same time. Thanks to application of new processor and the circuit designed by manufacturers themselves, the price will hopefully keep declining. The GTX260 card is already available at $264 at the lowest right now.

    More high-end products based on G200b, including GTX280 and dual-core 260GX2 will also emerge in Jan 2009.


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    ใหม่ๆมาเรื่อยเลยแฮะ.. ข่าวที่ว่าตั้งแต่เดือนนี้มันจะผลิตแต่ GPU 55nm ก็คงจะจริง

    ราคา GTX260 อยู่ที่ $264

    เพราะงั้น GT200 ไม่น่าเปิดตัวเกิน $299 ชัวร์ ฟันธง!!



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