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Thread: windwithme 2nd episode testing of Intel LGA 1366-MSI Eclipse SLI with i7 965 Extreme

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    Default windwithme 2nd episode testing of Intel LGA 1366-MSI Eclipse SLI with i7 965 Extreme

    Early in November 2008, Intel has released the next-generation platform LGA 1366.
    In the middle of November, X58 motherboard and Core i7 CPU can be found in the market already.
    Most motherboard manufacturers had done a good job in the pre-operation and offered several X58 motherboards to support the Core i7 CPU arrival.

    Core™ i7 CPU structure different from the previous LGA 775,
    are the built-in DDR3 memory controller in the CPU, and enhance the three-channel DRAM technology.
    The DDR3 performance will be a lot of progress.
    Moreover, the L3 Cache design in CPU can promotes the overall CPU performance.

    As one of the three major motherboard manufacturer, MSI is also introduced four sections of X58 motherboards in the market.
    They are Eclipse+, Eclipse SLI, X58 Platinum SLI, and X58 Platinum. This time, I was tested the MSI Eclipse SLI motherboard.

    Product packaging is more different than the products in the past.
    The simple expression can be the subject of a solar eclipse that looks great.

    Accessories included the full manual and installation information, and the XP/VISTA/X-FI audio driver CD.

    The black lines in the middle has the temperature measurement function.

    MSI exclusive PCI-E Creative X-Fi sound card, GreenPower energy-saving module, and D-LED2
    (debug features of a signal can be used with the temperature wire).

    MSI Eclipse SLI motherboard

    Motherboard Layout
    3 PCI-E X16 slots (supports ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI multi-graphics card technology)
    2 PCI-E X1 slots
    2 PCI slots
    There are three buttons at the bottom, are switching Power/Reset/D-LED2 information display functions.
    The red jumper enables users to set the CPU FSB directly, no need to penetrate BIOS.

    6 SATAII slots (ICH10R, supports RAID 0/1/5/10)
    4 SATA II (JMicronR 322, supports RAID 0/1/JBOD)
    D-LED2 slot is installed next to the blue SATA slot.

    6 DIMMs DDR3 memory slots is the special specifications, which support 600/1066/1333/1600/1866/2133MHz.
    The next is the 24-pin power input.

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    The CPU power supply using the 6+2+2 phase power supply and support the DrMOS energy-saving technology.
    In addition, the PWM is using Hi-C CAP needed materials

    I/O Interface
    8 USB 2.0 slots
    2 RJ45 connectors
    1 IEEE 1394 ports
    2 eSATA slots
    Here there is a Clear CMOS button.

    The North and South bridges cooling modules of MSI Eclipse SLI,
    does not have the exaggerate the size of cooling, but look more delicate and more beautiful.

    The PWM thermal design is quite special; left side is the location of 2+2 phases DrMOS.

    3 Channels DDR3 1600 memory are installed on the motherboard.

    Intel Core i7 965 Extreme also installed.

    BIOS boot screen-a solar eclipse

    BIOS main screen

    Users can adjust the frequency and voltage in “Cell Menu”.

    CPU Voltage -0.320~+0.630V (in 0.01~0.02 steps)
    QPI Voltage -0.320~+0.630V (in 0.01~0.02 steps)
    CPU PLL Voltage 1.00~1.80V (in 0.05 steps)
    DRAM Voltage 1.20~2.77V (in 0.01 steps)
    IOH Voltage 0.780~1.730V (in 0.01 steps)
    ICH Voltage 0.70~2.13V (in 0.01 steps)

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    The unique feature of high-end Core i7 CPU, it allows processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency.

    MSI’s exclusively Memory-Z, which is similar to CPU-Z function, enables user to see the DRAM-related information through BIOS.

    DRAM parameters details

    Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (Intel XMP),
    an easy-to-use and high-performance DDR3 memory overclocking tool—no time-consuming manual tuning required.

    Four setting groups enables user to store or access the preference settings.

    MSI has provided the BIOS update functions in BIOS setting environment.
    In the past, user only can update the BIOS through OS for online updates, it is really quite inconvenient.

    Green Power

    H/W Monitor

    Testing Platform
    CPU: Intel Core i7 965 Extreme
    MB: MSI Eclipse SLI
    DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator 2GBX3 DDR3 1600C8D
    VGA: MSI R4870X2-T2D2G-OC
    POWER: Corsair HX1000W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler: Thermaltake V1 AX/JETART Nano Diamond

    CPU test
    Intel Core i7 965 Extreme
    CPU: 161.6X24=>3875Mhz
    DRAM: DDR3 1616 CL8 8-8-24 1T 1.6V


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    CrystalMark 2004R3


    Core i7 CPU built-in 3-channel of DDR3 memory controller can enhance a lot of CPU performance.
    In above test, the memory performance had a lot of progress than the previous LGA755.

    DRAM test
    2GBX3 CORSAIR CM3X2G 1600C8D

    CPU default setting, open the Turbo Boost Tech.
    DDR3 1600 CL8 8-8-24 1T 1.5V
    Hyper PI 32M stable

    EVEREST/Sandra bandwidth

    OC DDR3 1807 CL9 9-9-28 1T 1.65V
    EVEREST/Sandra bandwidth

    Under the new CPU structure, DDR3 voltage is even lower than the previous chipset.
    In the above test, DDR3 1600 CL8 in 1.5V also may reach a stable level.

    Use VISTA 64-bit operating system to test the DDR3 6GB Kit full capacity.
    We use the CrystalMark / Sandra to be the testing software.

    Single Channel

    Dual Channels

    Triple Channels

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    Good!!! We are MSI Club.

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    Under the same clock, we use the 1GBx3 to do the comparison.
    Triple Channels

    From the above tests, we can see clearly, 3-channel provides the best performance.
    Moreover, the performance of 2GBx3 is better than 1GBx3.
    For the pursuit of DRAM performance, 2GBx3 is the best choice.

    3D Performance
    MSI R4870X2-T2D2G-OC,780/1800Mhz
    We used the X58 driver which is revised by ATI in November 20th.



    The 3DMark of the ATI specialized i7/X58 driver is about 5~10% better than the previous driver.
    There were a lot of tests in the website, which mentioned the i7 CPU has no progress in Game, even a slight deterioration.
    Following we are beginning to test the game performance.

    Need For Speed Pro Street

    Age Of Empires

    Crysis Benchmark

    Need For Speed Pro Street increased about 20 pages than ATI 8.10.
    Although I have not used the “Age of Empires” to test for a long time, but this is the first time I have such result in a high level setting.
    Crysis Benchmark is worse about 5~10% performance than LGA755.
    It is possible i7 CPU is the difference with the previous structure.
    The game performance problem is to need the amendments patch of game company to solve.

    CPU: 200X20=>4000Mhz
    DRAM: DDR3 1605 CL8 8-8-24 1T 1.6V

    205Mhz Super PI 1M

    MSI Eclipse SLI Result

    1.The new packaging design.
    2.BIOS stability, wide voltage and CPU/DRAM have great overclocking ability.
    3.Simultaneously supports ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA 3-Way SLI.
    4.6+2+2 phases DrMOS power supply, All Made-in-Japan solid capacitors, and X-Fi sound card.
    5.Provides 10 SATA slots, 2 eSATA slots, and IEEE1394 for expansion.
    6.Four kind different function buttons. D-LED2 has the debugging and display temperature functions.

    1.The DDR clock can go beyond the limit. It would be better if we can use the 133/1866.
    2.The previous user’s setting would be filed away after BIOS update.

    Performance ★★★★★★★★☆☆
    Components ★★★★★★★★★☆
    Layout design ★★★★★★★★☆☆
    Cost/ performance ratio ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

    MSI motherboard with LGA1366 structure provides a different usage in the past.
    MSI products have few BIOS problems, especially in overclocking.
    But this time, MSI Eclipse SLI currently doesn’t have problems, and fairly stable after overclocking setting.
    We can see that MSI had effort to improve the BIOS stability.

    MSI Eclipse SLI is priced about NT$10300 (310 USD), is in the medium-level position of the current high-end motherboard.
    MSI X58 Platinum, the entry-level motherboard, is priced about NT$7400 (230 USD).
    The new generation of new framework is replaced by X58 product, it should be replaced the position of X48 high-end motherboard priced about 230~420 USD.
    But for the LGA775 users, high-end X48 and middle-level P45 motherboards are the most value choice.

    Meanwhile, if the consumer was originally to buy the LGA 775 platform (high-end X48 motherboard with more than the Q9550 level CPU),
    they changed their mind to purchase the X58 with Core i7 920 CPU is the better choice.
    Users need to spend more money on DDR3 memory that would raise the whole platform cost.

    Currently Core i7 is to replace the LGA 775 of high-end price.
    I believe in the coming year will gradually after the introduction of price bands.
    MSI Eclipse SLI motherboard has good performance in functional, performance, and overclocking.
    It is a worthy reference to the inclusion product for the users who want to obtain the X58 motherboard.
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