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    Default Alfheim Tales online

    Alfheim Tales Online is a fantasy MMORPG with anime-styled 3D graphics in which players get to venture along with their powerful mounts.


    Assassins blessed by the Fire Sprite. High agility, high attack speed, critical rate is high, and high dodge, this attribute can be sure killer gets lethal damage to their targets in close combat. All Assassins' has a chance to trigger the buff effects will increase crtical / dodge large mass. Utilizing a combination of skill, Assassins can ruin stunning in an instant. Assassins features require great control skills.
    Assassins use daggers or scythes as their weapons.


    Knight blessed by the Earth Sprite. During the fight, Knight has always stood directly in front of the enemy and protect friends with powerful armor and superior strength. This feature makes the popular Knight class in Team.
    Knight wears Heavy Armor and, Swords and Shields.

    Mages are blessed by the Wind Sprite. Master of arcane spells, Mages can release the magic attack their enemies from a distance. With very severe damage, Mage has an important role in the team.
    Mages typical dress robes with Tome or staff in hand.

    Priests blessed by Aqua Sprite. Priest was awarded the power not only to heal and revive your friends, but also to defeat the enemy on the battlefield. All members of the Priests of the sovereign Dawn Temple. Priest's has great ability and moral discipline made him famous with a respectful class on the continent.

    ATO 2.jpg

    Game Features

    attribute Star
    When a character reaches Level 34, you can click the "Char." or press the button to check out this feature. Subsequently, one more star attribute can be enabled by upgrading two levels. At most 18 attribute can be activated.
    Attribute star can increase physical or magic attack ability, the upper limit of HP, phisycal or magic defense ability, one crit / hit rate / dodge rate. Moreover, attribute star can be improved, which will increase the upper limit of the random values.

    Forging System on Alfheim Tales Online is so easy and unique, you can have a max upgrade which means the strongest weapon with just one use of the "Perfect Enchanment" button on the Forge Window! So there's no DREAM anymore to have a PERFECT WEAPON. How to make it? Below are the instructions for Forging.


    Enhancement system is the way to improve the Basic Stat and Additional Stat from your Weapon and Armor by increasing the Rank of equipment from +1 to +10. The Higher you raise the rank, The Higher you increase the stats of the Equipment.
    Here's an example from +0 Thunder Light Helmet.

    Before you enhance make sure you have "Dawn Star"
    Here's an example from +1 Thunder Light Helmet.
    You can see the different from +0 to +1
    and now from +1 you will not have 100% percentage anymore, which means there's a chance to FAIL. You can see the percentage of success on the Forge window.

    Perfect Enhancement
    Perfect Enhancement is different from Normal Enhancement because it has 100% percentage of success from +1 to +10 Enhance Rank of your equipment; unlike normal Enhancement where there's a chance to get Fail when Enhancing from +1 to +10.
    On this window you can see "Lucky Point". Lucky Point is needed to do a Perfect Enhancement. Without Lucky Point, you can't choose Perfect Enhance mode.
    There's 2 Ways to get "Lucky Points". First, You will automatically get a little lucky points when you get FAIL on normal enhance. Second, shown below, is the fastest way to get many Lucky Points, which means the fastest way to get your MAX Enhancement !

    Try Open Exchange window.
    On Exchange window you can swap a Lucky Point to get a many Little Point to do Perfect Enhancement.
    To swap a Lucky Point you need a Golden Ticket, which you can find on Mall system.
    So, Get your DIAMOND now and make your Strongest Weapon & Armor !

    ATO 4.jpg

    Reforge system is used for changes to the Additional Attributes on Equipment. With Reforge you can get the Additional Attributes that you want without changing your own equipment.
    Note: You can Free Reforge once a day
    Now, after you do Reforge, you can see the Additional Attributes from the Weapon before is changing to "Intellect +45 and Hit Lvl +56"
    Note: There's a Benefit for VIP on Reforge System, You can get an Advance, Super or Unique Reforge, that's better than Regular Reforge.

    So, Be a VIP now, then you will have a different Additional Attributes from other Players !

    ATO 5.jpg

    Alfheim Tales Online is a fantasy MMORPG with anime-styled very beautiful 3D graphics, which allows for you to enjoy the fascinating battle experience. Travel around Carlyle land under the guidance of the spirits of a city-state to start something extraordinary. Search for Spritis run, protect the disguise that he lied to the Dark Volcanoes, ice fields, battle fields and grasslands, and come to your savior in various continental wars. In this world full of dreams, glory, and adventure fun.
    Various Combat Operations - choose your battles wisely!
    Anime-style game for women only? It's time graphic funniest games to come! Alfheim Tales Online world is not only funny and awesome, but fraught with danger and adventure. Do you like to hunt monsters and other players PK battle with all kinds of effects, you can not miss this game! Combos, XP skills, King of fighter battles ... all you can expect this bawhwa TRUE 3D browser game!
    Manga Art with a classic anime style element.
    Tired in playing games with the exact same features and system? Alfheim Tales Online definitely incredible! With classic manga style art and costume mounts, clothing, fireworks, equipment and weapons, all the players sure what kind of style they love.
    More than 100 types of pets with different appearances menuggu you to be a good friend.
    The world Alfheim Tales Online, your journey not only with your friends in the game, but also with a pet that will not leave you and always follow where you are going in every fight! You can choose from more than 100 pets with different appearances and train them. Upgrade them on the way where do you like to make your own be good friends.
    Very open and free to raise your pet
    In Alfheim Tales Online, spirits are very special and mysterious, you can not learn the skill, move your class, searching for monsters or raising the level without them. Not to mention there are important rules in further classes classify and development. You can design your pet Award with a very open and free way to meet all your needs as you want.
    Various events throughout the day
    Everything like event with attractive prizes! In Alfheim Tales Online, you can go looking for all your needs in the event, not including the usual, semikian also arena, battle, scene, but also agriculture, tower defense, chess and cards, and many more events incredible that you can explore you never had!

    ? Website : http://ato.orangegame.co.id/
    ? Fanspage : https://www.facebook.com/alfheim.indonesia
    ? Email Support : atosupport@orangegame.co.id
    ? Registrasi : http://www.orangegame.co.id/registration
    ? Beginners Guide : http://ato.orangegame.co.id/guide/beginner
    ? Forum : http://forum.orangegame.co.id/viewforum.php?f=131

    See you in the game and have fun ^.^
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    Default Alfheim Tales Online Indonesia

    Hey, you all Real Gamers!
    Play and Have Fun together in Alfheim Tales Online Indonesia..

    Alfheim Tales Online is a 3D browser game that is packed in her fantasy graphic visual style of anime. Not surprisingly, you will find their cute characters and funny in this game. However, beware, the article many nasty monsters that roam the world Alfheim Tales Indonesia !
    In the world of Alfheim you can enjoy the features that are very exciting as, various battle modes are fun, Dungeon-dungeons that challenge, can select and raise more than 100 kinds of pet, and Event-Event that is always there throughout the day to you follow.
    Events such as the Daily Event, and Special Accumulation Reward topup still ongoing and may enjoyed by all Adventurers ..

    Don?t forget to Like and Follow continue FansPage us at: https: //www.facebook.com/alfheim.indonesia

    Because it would be a lot of Event-event which takes place every week, like Quiz Event, Screen Shot Event, and the Like & Share Event would be a pity if you miss it!
    This is some interesting features which you can enjoy while playing Alfheim Tales Online Indonesia

    1. First TopUp Reward
    VIP 1.jpg
    This event applies if you Topup first in any amount, that's right, in any amount !! You will get Equipment and Rare Rare Pet that will make you become more exciting adventures.

    2. Bonus Sign In Spree
    dAILY LOGIN.jpg
    It is a bonus that you get when you log in for 7 days in a row, so just log in and you will get a reward, interesting is not it? Eits .. not only that, if you finish Daily Quest (60 Activity Point) you will be able to reward more you know .. !! and if you logged in for 10 days, then you will be able to reward again.

    3. Dragon Blessing
    Dragon Blessing.jpg
    This is a feature where players can obtain them free of charge, every day the players get 2x the opportunity to perform for free rolling, players also able to continue rolling using gold if they had run a free shot.
    There are lots of exciting prizes that can earn players, one of which is Mount Jet Permanent Rare that are not even sold in the Item Mall.

    In addition to the features already described above, there are many exciting events and other exciting tablet that you can follow. Want to know any kind of events that always makes you not want to leaving Alfheim Tales Online Indonesian in every day?

    ? MINI PVP Tournament Event
    Every Thursday At 16:00 pm every week, GM will give you the opportunity to try their skills in the area of Battle Arena for Battle Character. Of course, with various kinds of gifts that you can get, if it becomes one of the strongest. Intriguing, right? Lets game try and play!

    ? Weekly Event
    Ahead of the Weekend, in game GM will give you an interesting another event. That Quiz / Hide n Seek / Collecting items, this event starts every Friday At 16:00 pm every week. Conquer the exciting prizes that will be given by GM to each winner.

    Want fun together and traveled around the world Alfheim Tales Online?
    Lets immediately wrote Registration via the website and can be directly Play Game through your browser! Or you can also download the Mini Client Alfheim Tales Indonesia of course through the Website. Easy and not complicated right ?? play and adventure now!

    Let 's Play !!
    ATO immediately log into the website and begin your adventure.. !!

    Alfheim Tales Online ? The Real 3D GamePlay WEB-MMORPG.
    ? Homepage: http://ato.orangegame.co.id
    ? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alfheim.indonesia
    ? Forum:http: //forum.orangegame.co.id/
    ? Email: atosupport@orangegame.co.id



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