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    Default ขาย DAC DA-03A Chiptset ใหม่ มือสอง ราคาพิเศษ

    ขอลงขาย DAC-03A รุ่นที่มีรีโมท ใช้ Chip - AK4118 Receive + AK4495 Decode + Opamp - OPA2604AU * 3 +USB - TE7022L (Support WinXP, Win7, WinVista, Win10, MAC) ตัวหลอดเป็น GE5670
    หมดประกันแล้ว สีดำตามรูป 1 ตัว ราคา 4000 บาท

    1. กล่อง
    2. สายไฟ
    3. สาย USB
    4. รีโมท
    5. คู่มือ


    - หมู่บ้านเสนานิเวศน์ 1
    - ส่ง EMS + 150 บาท

    มือถือ = 0841007003
    Line ID = 0841007003

    First, the performance characteristics:
    1. The machine has 4 digital signal input switch: BNC, coaxial, fiber, USB .
    2. The machine has 2 stereo RCA unbalanced output: normal output, tube buffer output. Easy to match the machine or stone machine, get different effects.
    3. The main amplifier board adopts double panel design, making fine.
    4. digital reception and digital-analog conversion using Japan's AKM's new chip AK4495, their performance, indicators, sounds are fully affirmed.
    5. The local tube output part of the use of moderate temperature of the import name tube: the United States GE5670, sound soft, high pressure and filament are DC power supply.
    6. The resistance and capacitance of the machine are assembled with high quality discrete heating element, so that the sound quality can be guaranteed: the United States DALE Dani resistance, daylight resistance, Germany WIMA polypropylene capacitor, Sulun capacitor, CBB ultra-small polypropylene metal capacitors, monolithic capacitors , Do not use polyester, porcelain and other ordinary original. Thus ensuring the pure sound, high resolution, small sound, sound field open and so on.
    7. Indicator with blue LED.
    8. use of active crystal . You can reduce the USB port clock jitter.
    9. the use of superior performance R-type transformer power supply (generally only high-end models only use), although the cost than the ring, a substantial increase in square transformers, but high efficiency, magnetic leakage is small.
    10. digital part and analog part of the independent rectifier filter power supply, reduce interference.
    11. The function of the machine to achieve the use of MCU control, and remember the last shutdown when the channel status.

    Second, the specifications:
    1. frequency: 20Hz-30KHz
    2. Signal to noise ratio: ordinary port output: 110dB / tube port output: 90dB
    3. harmonic distortion (including the knob, machine feet, connector size) ? frequency response: 20Hz-30KHz ? signal to noise ratio: : Ordinary port output: <0.001% / tube port output: <0.1%
    4. support 16bit, 20bit, 24bit digital stream
    5. support the following sampling frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192KHz
    6. output level: 2000mV
    7. dynamic range : 120dB
    8. input impedance: digital 75 ohm
    9. line output impedance: 600 ohm
    10. input voltage: 110V, 220V / 50Hz
    11. net weight: about 1.75Kg

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