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Thread: RivaTuner plugin supporting GT2xx and HD4870 Voltage Tuning

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    Default RivaTuner plugin supporting GT2xx and HD4870 Voltage Tuning

    Rivatuner พร้อมแล้วกับการเพิ่มไฟ Vgpu สำหรับ GT2xx และ HD4870 รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมตามที่ยกมาหละครับ ก็ลองเล่นกันดูนะครับ

    Quote Originally Posted by fgw View Post
    finally here is a first release of my RivaTuner plugin wich allows voltage control on vga cards equipped with a Voltera VT1165 VRM controller.

    as far as i know this are: GTX260 65nm, GTX280, GTX295, HD4870 and HD4870x2

    this VT1165 plugin is an enhanced version of the VT1103 plugin already included with RivaTuner and supports the previously available monitoring features plus some added functionality:

    already included in VT1103 plugin
    • vrm output voltage
    • vrm output current
    • vrm temperature for up to 5 phases

    added the functionality
    • change vrm output voltage on the fly
    • monitor status of OCP
    • monitor status of OVP

    monitoring of OVP and OCP might be useful for hardmodded cards to verify if either of this safety features is activated or not.

    to integrate this in a RivaTuner plugin has the advantage of utilizing the available RivaTuner functions to access the VT1165 directly. there is no need to manually scan for a device, write down register addresses and enter this values somewhere else, besides in RivaTuners scheduler to apply the settings at startup.

    also you don't need to care about which one of the registers is used in which mode, as the plugin will detect the currently used register itself and apply the settings to this register. so to completely setup your cards all you need to do is to bring the card in the mode you want to change (idle, 2d, low 3d or performance 3d) or what ever it is called and change the voltage as required. there are not more than 4 modes available. most cards don't use all of them. my gtx295 is using only one mode. usually i would assume putting the card under load (atitool 3dview would be fine for this) and change the voltage then. i cant see a reason to change any other modes, but its up to everybody to do so.

    you do all of this at your own risk! don't blame me if you overvolted your card too much and thus burnt it. this is a very powerful and dangerous tool!

    also i would not have been able to create this without the help of Unwinder, the creator of RivaTuner. although he did not take part in the devolpment, he put some valueable info in the "evga voltage tuner" thread here in the forums and also kindly answered all my boring questions!

    that said, lets roll ...

    the plugin can be found here: vt1165.zip

    as the plugin is created with visual studio 2008 you need to download and install microsoft vs2008 runtime components. this is just about 1.7MB and can be found here:
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

    here is a step by step guide on how to install and use my plugin:

    experienced RivaTuner users wil most likely know almost all of this already and just look at the few points below and at some screenshots at the end:

    • download the plugin vt1165.zip
    • download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
    • download and install the latest version of RivaTuner
    • start up RivaTuner once to let it configure its database and exit RivaTuner again (rivaTuner might get started directly after ths installation. if so, just let it configure its database and manually exit again.
    • copy VT1165.dll into RivaTuners plugin folder. this is PlugIns\Monitoring within RivaTuners installation folder. on my system this is: C:\Program Files\RivaTuner v2.22\PlugIns\Monitoring
    • run VT1165.reg found within vt1165.zip. this changes a single registry key to activate the plugin. don't do this in the gui as there is a bug within my code that might crash RivaTuner. i have not yet sorted this out. use VT1165.reg as a workarounf in the meantime to activate the plugin for the first time!

    finally start up RivaTuner again.

    the plugin checks upon startup if a card is supported and pops up the following window for each card unsupported card:

    so if you see this, you are out of luck!

    if everything went right and your card is supported the following window should pop up:

    click on the small button besides Customize...1 to open up the menu and then select Hardware monitoring 2 to bring up the Hardware monitoring window.

    depending on the version of RivaTuner you are running, a warning might come up first:

    clicking on the [UP] button will increment the voltage. if you are running on two identical GPUs and have selected Apply settings to both GPUs at the beginning, voltage for both GPUs will be increased simultaneously, as you can see in the following screenshot. clicking the [DOWN] button will decrease voltage respectively. the currently selected voltage is displayed in the VRM Voltage Control window immediately as you click the button. the graph might follow with a delay depending on the update rate specified in Hardware monitoring setup, usually 1 second.

    if you want to make the settings to be applied automatically on startup, simply use the values displayed in the [B]VRM Voltage Control[B] window besides Parameters: when setting up a scheduler entry in RivaTuner under the Scheduler tab.

    running on a system with either a single GPU installed or if there are two GPUs of different type installed, you should have selected Apply settings to first GPU only at the beginning. this results in changing the voltage for the first GPU only. in this situation, there is currently no way to change the voltage for the second GPU. as soon as RivaTuner V2.23 gets released, this restriction will be lifted, and all GPU's can be modified individually!

    if you selected the wrong mode on startup, just close the Hardware monitoring window by clicking the [x] button and reopen it again. you will be prompted to select the mode on every startup.

    finally, two new graphs are available that might be of interest for some hard core overvolters using hard modded cards. this two graphs show the state of OVP and OCP. if OVP or OCP is inactiv (normal) the graph shows a steady line at 0. if OVP or OCP gets activated the graph jumps up to 1 signalling OVP or OCP condition.

    as i have not hard modded my card i was not able to verify if this works as expected. so if any hardcore overclockers are out there and suspect OVP or OCP is kicking in on their cards, please use this plugin and report back. also i had just one gtx295 at hand so i was not able to verify the functionalty on different cards. please report back if you run into any problems or have any further questions or feature requests. but keep in mind, my programming knowledge is somehow limited and dont expect miracles.

    once again: remember this tool allows you to change voltages to very dangerous levels for you GPU, so be careful and don't blame me if you burn your card. you do all of this at your own risk!
    Source : XS

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    -ถ้ายิ่งใหญ่อย่างที่กร่างไว้จริง ควรใช้ความยิ่งใหญ่กร่างหาคนแจ้งความชั่วของตัวเอง
    -อย่าปลอกสายลำโพงให้ยาวเกินความจำเป็นนะ เดี๋ยวแอมป์จะดับได้เวลาโยกตู้ลำโพง

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    4850 ไม่รองรับ

    แต่ผมจับยัดใน BIOSการ์ดจอเรย เห่อๆ

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    หลอนแน่งานนี้ เตรียมตัวแต๊บกันได้เลย

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    Quote Originally Posted by estrellas View Post
    หลอนแน่งานนี้ เตรียมตัวแต๊บกันได้เลย

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    อยากรู้จาไฟขึ้นจิงเปล่า เดี๋ยวมีลองกับ 4870

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    กำทำไมตูปรับ Vม่ได้

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    หุหุ อยากเห็นคนอัดไฟโชว์

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    พี่ซอล ป๋มหาว่า ที่มานใช้ปรับไฟไม่ได้อะ ของHD4870 เซงเลย

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    ใช้งานได้แว้วนะคับ ใช้Plugin ตัวนี้แทน ใช้เวบXSเค้าอัพให้โลหดอีกอานอันนี้จาFixค่าได้

    รูป รูป

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    4850 ใช้ ati tray tool ครับ ไม่ต้องลำบากflash เสี่ยงๆเหมือนเมื่อก่อนแล้ว (แต่ผมflashมาประมาณ5ครั้ง ก็ไม่เป็นไรนะ)



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