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Thread: Low power consumption IPC motherboard in mini-DTX form factor: DFI CA230-BF

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    Default Low power consumption IPC motherboard in mini-DTX form factor: DFI CA230-BF

    In Channel market, everybody knows that DFI sells hi-end overclocking & performance motherboard in “LANParty” brand.
    However, only few people know that DFI is even better in applied computing platform.
    In industry motherboard market, quality & stability are everything.

    I’ve seen some company demonstrated ACP boards in Computex, the boards are all simple & smaller than microATX.

    The QC requirement of ACP (Applied computing platform) is very strict; all ACP boards have to take switching surge & flash impact.
    And, the longer warranty period & better material are also the differences between channel motherboards & ACP boards.

    The leading role today is DFI CA230-BF (mini-DTX; 20.3 x 17 cm), it could not be installed in mini-ITX case.
    DFI adopts the most powerful Intel integrated chipset “GM45+ICH9M” into this board.

    The packing: For IPC only, it is very simple.

    Accessories: User manual, Driver CD, SATA cable, IDE cable, I/O shield, extension USB.

    DFI CA230-BF

    The layout is very solid.

    Bottom side of board
    1 PCIe x16
    1 PCIe x1
    1 PCI (It’s awesome that adopt so many slot in mini-DTX)
    1 IDE
    4 SATA II with AHCI
    LAN: Realtek RTL811C-GR; Audio: Realtek ALC262
    One ceramic thermal pad covers the south bridge.

    Upper side of board
    2 SO-DIMM for DDR2 667/ 800

    Rear I/O
    1 D-sub
    1 DVI
    4 USB 2.0
    1 RJ45 port
    2 COM port

    It supports mPGA478M socket (For notebook use), you can find one QX9300 on the socket. It’s my first to use “Hi-end” NB CPU.

    The tiny cooler works well, it dissipate heat efficiently to keep the temperature low.
    The white connector calls “LVDS LCD panel”, it designed for connect cashier/ ATM/ POS and other interactive devices.

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    Testing platform
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Q9300
    MB: DFI CA230-BF
    DRAM: Wind Series DDR2 667 4GBX2 SO-DIMM
    VGA: Intel GMA4500&MSI R4670 2D512/D3
    HD: SAMSUNG 2.5 250GB 7200 RPM
    POWER: Corsair 400W Power Supply

    SW installation page; CPU-Z showed it’s T9400, diagnose incorrect.

    CPU 266X9.5=>2.53Ghz Quad core
    DRAM DDR2 667 CL5 4GBX2

    Hyper PI 32M&CPUMARK99

    CrystalMark 2004R3


    EVERETS Cache&Memory
    30 degree when stand by; 40~45 degree when running testing tools.

    3D Performance
    Integrated VGA: Intel GMA4500


    It’s my first time to test GMA 4500. GMA4500 is the best 3D core in Intel; the 3D performance is fair, but quite enough for IPC board.

    Power consumption (test by power angel)
    34W when stand by


    It consumes 59W when running 3DMark. It’s very low with quad core CPU, CM45 & ICH9M.

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    When VGA card installed,MSI R4670 2D512/D3


    Crysis Benchmark

    You can install VGA card for better 3D performance; ATI 4670 is cheap & has good power efficiency, or you can choose NVIDIA 9600GT.
    DFI ACP products are designed for industry & business purpose; so, revision control, material & warranty are very important.
    Revision control means you don’t have to worry when the board is malfunctioned; you can always get the same product and material from DFI for at least 5 years.

    In power consumption, you can choose Core 2 Duo CPU to save more power. Then you can use 150W PSU to run this platform.
    It’s the first time I test this kind of platform, I’m very impressive of the power consumption & size.
    If you are interest in ACP product, you can link to http://www.dfi.com.
    In some day, I hope I can buy ACP board in retail market (At least it’s not ATOM + 945GC again).

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    เป็นบอร์ดขายพร้อม cpu หรือเปล่าครับ


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    thank you

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