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Thread: Asus ตัวแรงมาละ

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    Talking Asus ตัวแรงมาละ

    World First – ASUS N81Vg Features the New NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M Graphics Processor

    World First – ASUS N81Vg Features the New NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M Graphics Processor

    ASUS and NVIDIA® Deliver a Smart Entertainment Companion for the Road

    Taipei, Taiwan, February 10, 2009 – ASUS, a pioneer in the adoption of cutting-edge notebook graphics, announced today the ASUS N81Vg, the world’s first notebook to feature the new NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M graphics processing unit (GPU). The NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M GPU features NVIDIA CUDA™ technology with 32 processor cores, DirectX 10 support, and 1080p High Definition video playback through NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology. Coupled with the ASUS N81Vg’s 14-inch LED backlit display, the NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M delivers unrivalled visual clarity and vibrancy.

    Combining Effortless Mobility with Stunning Graphics Performance
    The pairing of the ASUS N81Vg and the NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M provides users with numerous multimedia options in a small, highly portable notebook designed to take entertainment to the streets.

    “The ASUS N81Vg uses the GeForce GT 120M GPU to deliver a visual computing experience far superior to other notebooks in its category today,” said Rene Haas, General Manager, Notebook Products, NVIDIA. “With 32 powerful processing cores, the GeForce 120M GPU makes photo editing, video editing, movie ripping, high-definition Blu-ray playback and gaming a reality on 14-inch notebooks.”

    “We are proud to offer consumers a notebook that is capable of providing spectacular graphics and stunning clarity while maintaining effortless mobility,” said Alvin Chou, Senior Product Manager of ASUS’ Notebook Business Unit. “By combining sublime graphics performance, smart technologies and supreme ease of use, the N81Vg is the ideal notebook for those who would like to enjoy multimedia to the fullest.”

    NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M – Fast Forward Visual Experience for All
    The NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M features the latest NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, which harnesses a massive 110 gigaflops of computing power for a myriad of applications such as video conversion and High Definition enhanced DVD playback with up to 15 times higher frame rate. Users can enjoy greater productivity with CUDA-enhanced photo and video editing applications such as CyberLink PowerDirector and motionDSP vReveal. With DirectX 10 support, users can experience realistic in-game texture details, high dynamic range lighting and special visual effects. NVIDIA PureVideo® HD handles 100% of the video decoding process, producing 1080p High Definition visuals with sharper images, smoother transitions and more vibrant colors.

    With a 3DMark® 2006 score of 5,431, the ASUS N81Vg delivers up to 15 times better performance than most other 14-inch notebooks, thus satisfying discerning users with a penchant for High Definition audio and visual enjoyment while on the go.

    Reliable Computing and Entertainment with Variable Power Modes
    The ASUS N81Vg lasts 3 hours* in Performance mode and 4 hours* in Battery Conservation mode—in both cases an hour more than similarly-specified notebooks.

    Processor & Cache Memory - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400/P7350/T6600/T6400/T5900/T5800

    Operating SystemGenuine - Windows Vista® Ultimate (other editions also available)

    Chipset - Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset

    Main Memory - DDR2 800MHz up to 4096MB, 2x SO-DIMM

    Graphics -NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 120M

    Display - 14.0″ (Glare Type, LED backlit)

    Hard Drive - SATA 160GB / 250GB / 320GB/ 500GB

    Optical Drive - DVD Super Multi Blu-ray DVD Combo

    * Video Camera (optional) - Built-in 1.3 M Pixel camera

    Dimensions and Weight - 342mm x 256mm x 36mm, 2.5kg (with 6-cell battery)

    *Subject to system specifications and usage.
    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit www.asus.com for more information.

    ที่มา : http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/blog/2...ics-processor/

    การ์ดจอแรงจริง แต่ซีพียูยังไม่สุด เสียดาย (เสียดายทำไม ยังไงก็ไม่ม่เงินซื้ออยู่ดี )

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    chiang mai


    Quote Originally Posted by tanwatana View Post
    การ์ดจอแรงจริง แต่ซีพียูยังไม่สุด เสียดาย (เสียดายทำไม ยังไงก็ไม่ม่เงินซื้ออยู่ดี )
    ใช่เลย เอิ้กๆ

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    4870 ออกยัง

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    Geforce GT 120M แรงครับ แต่ก็ไม่ได้แรงไปกว่า 9600M GT หรอก แค่เป็นซีรี่ย์ใหม่เท่านั้น

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    รุ่นนี้ รุ่นมะเร็งไม่มายิง.........รึเป่า

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    มันยังไม่ใช่มะยิง แค่เร็งเฉยๆ




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