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Thread: ATi So Hot 4830 4860 => 40nm

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    Default ATi So Hot 4830 4860 => 40nm

    AMD has announced several 40nm ATI Mobility Radeon HD win updates for 4860 and 4830, including ASUS N81Vp, N51Tp and W90, which use 4600-series or desktop 4870-series today. MSI's GT727 will upgrade from 4850. And Toshiba's Satellite 300 up from 4570 or 4650. AMD also has additional partners that will be announced at CeBIT.

    The GPUs sport 640 stream processors in a die size that is nearly the same size as the previous mobile near high-end 4670 chip, which had 320 stream processors. Power consumption shows a nearly 50% increase in performance per watt

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