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Thread: Asus/NCIX Overclocking Competition on XS‏

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    Default Asus/NCIX Overclocking Competition on XS‏


    Dear XS Members,

    Hey people, this is Jasmine and I am here to inform you an exciting new cash-rewarded OC contest sponsored by ASUS and NCIX.

    As long as you have a Asus motherboard, you're more than welcome to join this contest to win some cash back.
    Also, the main point of this contest is to promote and enhance people's passion and enthusiasm of overclocking as also the support to Asus products.
    Check out the details and let us know if you're in by replying to the thread!
    Thanks a lot!

    --Jasmine xoxo



    This ASUS overclocking competition is sponsored by NCIX. Check out their large selection of ASUS motherboards today and take advantage of the free shipping promotion - An Xtremesystems exclusive!


    Any Asus X58 Motherboard
    Limited to regular members, 3Dteam, and XC (no XIP, Legends or Staff)
    Any type of cooling allowed
    Submissions only accepted with CPUID validation
    Bclock submissions with everest and CPU validation
    Bandwidth submissions with Everest and CPU validation
    North America only
    Contest Ends March 31'st
    Thread title must Contain "Asus/NCIX Competiton entry - Username"
    You can update your thread
    Please list compete machine configuration, settings and voltages.
    In the event of a tie, winner will be based on pre-dertermined factor not announced.


    Highest CPU Mhz - $1000
    Highest Bclock -$1000
    Highest memory speed (any timing) - $1000

    Thread with the most replies wins an Asus 26" Display


    Winners will be verified and prizes awarded promptly

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    North America only !

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    เวร ... นี่มันประเทศไทย

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