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Thread: Creative Console Launcher 2.61.09 มาแล้วน่ะครับ+!!!!

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    Default Creative Console Launcher 2.61.09 มาแล้วน่ะครับ+!!!!

    Creative Console Launcher 2.61.09 11 Mar 09

    Added Features or Enhancements:

    * Added Microphone Reverb effect.
    * Added controls for Silencer settings (for certain audio devices only).
    * Improved controls for Wireless Music settings (for certain audio devices only).

    Resolves the following issues:

    * Display for X-Fi CMSS-3D settings is not synchronized.
    * Display for mixer settings is not synchronized.
    * Custom EQ option does not appear when adjusting EQ values.
    * Text is truncated in certain menus.
    * Error message does not appear when hot-plugging a 'Plug and Play' device.
    * Error in VoiceFX presets selection.
    * Unable to restore default volume settings.
    * Unable to select the external decoder option automatically while Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect is enabled in the encoder settings.
    * Noise can be heard when enabling 'Use Built-in Decoder' and 'Dolby Digital Live' or 'DTS Connect'.



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    แต่จากที่ลองมา มันก็ไม่ต่างจากของเก่านะครับ อิอิ แต่รู้สึกจะเร็วขึ้น



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