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Thread: ACER (Notebook)

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    Default ACER (Notebook)

    ทุกรุ่นรับประกัน 1 ปี สินค้าคุณภาพ 100%
    สนใจติดต่อ mk-mkmk@windowslive.com

    Acer Aspire one D150-1Bw/B021_160GB_Seashell White 10"-----16300
    Acer Aspire One A150-Bw/B201_160GB_XP_Seashell White-----14300
    Acer Aspire One A150-Bk/B028_160GB_XP_Diamond Black-----14300
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGw/B075_160GB_XP_3G_Seashell White-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGp/B037_160GB_XP_3G_Coral Pink-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGk/B012_160GB_XP_3G_Diamond Black-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGc/B081_160GB_XP_3G_Golden Brown-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGc/B081_160GB_XP_3G_Golden Brown-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-BGb/B094_160GB_XP_3G_Sapphire Blue-----20500
    Acer Aspire One A150-Bc/B142_160GB_XP_Golden Brown-----14300
    Acer Aspire ONE A150-Aw/A249_160GB_Linux_Seashell white-----13200
    Acer Aspire ONE A150-Ab/A272_160GB_Linux_Seashell Blue-----13200
    Acer Aspire ONE A0A150-Bw/B019_120GB_XP_white-----16500
    Acer Aspire ONE A0A150-Bp/B001_160GB_XP_Pink-----15400
    Acer Aspire ONE A0A150-Bk/B007_120GB_XP_Diamond Black-----12400
    Acer Aspire ONE A0A150-Bb/B017_120GB_XP_blue-----12400
    Acer Aspire ONE A0A150-Ak/A013_120G_Linux_Diamond Black-----10500
    Acer AS 5530G-822G32Bi/X002 -----35700
    Acer AS 4935G-864G50Bn/X040 -----49900
    Acer AS 4935G-742G32Mn/C011 -----30100
    Acer AS 4935G-732G32Mn/X041LE-----29600
    Acer AS 4935G-662G32Mn/C012 -----28500
    Acer AS 4935G-592G32Mn/C005 -----27400
    Acer AS 4935-642G32Mn/C010 -----25500
    Acer As 4935-592G32Mn/C005 -----24400
    Acer AS 4930G-842G32Mn/X098 -----34800
    Acer AS 4930G-732G32Mn/X285 -----30900
    Acer AS 4930G-732G25Mn/X107 -----29900
    Acer AS 4930G-591G32Mn/C016 -----25700
    Acer AS 4930G-581G32Mn/X308 -----26700
    Acer AS 4930-641G25Mn/C035 -----23400
    Acer AS 4930-581G25Mn/X084 -----22700
    Acer AS 4930-581G25Mn/C024 (Blue UV cover)-----21700
    Acer AS 4730ZG-421G25Mn/C032-----22300
    Acer AS 4730ZG-421G25Mn/C004-----22300
    Acer AS 4730ZG-341G25Mn/C018-----21600
    Acer AS 4730Z-421G25Mn/C002 -----19400
    Acer AS 4730Z-341G25Mn/C059 -----17700
    Acer AS 4730Z-321G16Mn/C002 -----17700
    Acer AS 4530-701G25Mi/X014 -----19500
    Acer AS 4520G-7A1G16Mi/C030 -----16500
    Acer AS 4520-7A1G16Mi/C101 -----14500
    Acer AS 2930Z-422G25Mn/C003 -----22400
    Acer AS 2930-742G32Mn/C008 -----33300
    Acer AS 2930-732G32Mn/X174 -----30500
    Acer AS 2930-662G32Mn/C007 -----28400
    Acer AS 2930-592G25Mn/X175 -----28300
    Acer AS 2920Z-5A1G16Mi/X319 -----19300
    Acer AS 2920Z-4A1G16Mi/X278 -----22500
    Acer AS 2920Z-321G16Mi/C036 -----19500
    Acer AS 2920-832G25Mn_T8300 -----30700
    Acer AS 2920-6A1G25Mn/C065 -----21600
    Acer AS 2920-5A1G16Mn_T5550 ----22500

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    ขอดูรูบAcer 4935G-662G32Mn/C012หน่อยสนใจลุ้นนื้่

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