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    Default Remove DVD Protections and Copy DVD to Blank DVD Disc

    Want to copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD disc on your Mac machine? DVD Copy for Mac can help you soon, it is a professional DVD copy program designed for Mac OS users to copy D9 and D5 DVD movies ( D9 to D9 and D5 to D5), and even able to remove DVD protections.
    DVD Copy for Mac is quite easy to use and it takes only a few steps to copy the entire DVD:
    Step 1: Select DVD Source

    You can not only select a DVD ROM, but also a DVD folder which appears like "Video_TS". Mac DVD Copy is also DVD burning software to some extent.

    Step 2: Select DVD Copy Method
    In the "Select DVD Copy Method" field to select a method to output the selected DVD movie:
    If you want to output your DVD movie to a folder on your hard disc, you can select the "Output DVD Folder" option, and specify a directory to save the copied DVD movie.
    If you want to directly burn your DVD movie to a new DVD disc, you can just select the DVD ROM where you have inserted a blank DVD disc.

    Step 3: Program Settings (Optional)

    Set Buffer Directory: Select a folder on a hard disc that has relatively big free space to store the temporary files.
    Select Language: Select an interface language for the program.

    Step 4: Start Copying DVD
    Click the Start button to start copying your DVD movie and/or burning it to a new DVD disc.
    If you are copying a DVD disc from your DVD ROM to a new DVD disc, you will be asked to insert a blank DVD disc. If so, you can just take the original DVD disc out and insert a blank DVD disc.

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    แปลหัยหน่อยจิ ผมไม่ค่อยสันทัด Eng งะ ^^



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