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Thread: กิจกรรม!! AMD/ATI ร่วมสนุกตอบคำถามชิงรางวัล ATI Agent Ruby

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    Default กิจกรรม!! AMD/ATI ร่วมสนุกตอบคำถามชิงรางวัล ATI Agent Ruby




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    Q1. AMD "Dragon" platform comprised of...
    AMD Phenom II Processor + ATi Radeon HD4800 Series and AMD 7-Series chipset

    Q2. Which two (2) world records that AMD Phenom™ II processor on AMD “Dragon” platform technology broke on January 10, 2009 at CES in Las Vegas? Please tick all that are relevant:
    AMD Phenom™ II processor achieved 45,474 3DMarks at 6.3 GHz

    Q3. The latest AMD Phenom™ II AM3 processors fit in either AM2+ or AM3 sockets and support DDR2 or next generation DDR3 memory technology.

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    ข้อ 1 http://www.game-amd.com/home.htm
    the fusion of the AMD Phenom™ II processor, the ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 graphics card, the AMD 790GX chipset, and AMD software that ignites gaming performance.

    ข้อ 2 http://pchardwareblips.dailyradar.co..._world_record/

    Two weeks ago Team Finland pushed the AMD Phenom II X4 to 6.3GHz with liquid helium and last week AMD uploaded a seven minute long video of the feat on YouTube: In the the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas during CES 2009, overclockers Sampsa & SF3D from Team Finland and Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen from AMD, use a combination of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to reach CPU temperatures of -232 degrees Celsius in order to attain CPU clock speeds of 6.5GHz and smashing the world record for 3DMarks with 45,474 3DMarks in a test. AMD Phenom II to 6.3GHz on liquid helium (video) ...

    ข้อ 3 http://www.game-amd.com/processor.htm
    These AMD Phenom II processors deliver choice and lay the foundation for memory transition; they fit in either AM2+ or AM3 sockets and support DDR2 or next generation DDR3 memory technology.

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