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Thread: HeatKillers GTX285 in Triple Sli

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    Default HeatKillers GTX285 in Triple Sli

    Another fine week as I got some points .. from working on some heatkiller

    But anways, topic is about tri sli, in parallel. So I'm just sharin.

    Simple Setup:

    Single loop: Dual 355s > Koolance 350 > HeatKillers > HWlabs 480 GTX with 4 Scythe Gentle Typhoons 28dB

    My flow is alittle low 1.5gpm...look at k350 + dual 355's 480gtx, i'm sure what the tri sli gpu's introduce as restriction...but I don't care. Flow is overrated.

    MY STFF, Watercool did not commission me in anyway


    Anyways..lets get some idle temps

    notice all three gpu's idling, no worries here...

    Load temps, here I used OCCT's power supply test, cpu and gpu are stressed, psu is also stressed, i love my Enermax Evo1250

    Well its obvious parallel gpu blocks work.


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    หลัง โลตัส ประชาชื่น


    Monster Card

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