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Thread: new gaming rig recommendations

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    1 Aug 2008

    Default new gaming rig recommendations

    budget around 25-27000 krub.
    is this setup ok for 2-3 years use?

    intel c2d e8400
    asus p5q pro
    his iceq4 radeon 4850
    ocz reaper edition 4gb
    western digital 640gb green
    coolermaster centurion 5
    thermaltake 550watt

    gaming- dawn of war 2, company of heroes, far cry 2, etc.
    not interested in overclocking.

    thank you for any input na krub.

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    11 Jan 2009


    You don't interested HD4770 CF and GTS 250 ?

    Why!! you don't speak thai ?

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    1 Aug 2008


    cannot type thai 'a, but can read!
    4770 is not out yet krub.
    this pc is for my cousin. i have the iceq4 4850 and love it, very quite and cool also i love ati! heheehe.

    by the way new setup likely to be:

    core2duo E8400
    Gigabyte ep45-ud3r
    G skill 4gb ddr2 800
    ATI 4850 512mb Iceq4
    Western digital 640gb
    Coolermaster real power 550 watt
    Coolermaster centurion 5



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