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Thread: HD 4890 Clcok 1Ghz

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    Default HD 4890 Clcok 1Ghz

    HD 4890 with a 1010MHz GPU

    We already wrote that Powercolor is preparing to launch yet another HD 4890 card that will be able to achieve a 1GHz clock for the GPU. Powercolor has surprised us and managed to cross that magical 1GHz barrier by 10MHz with the new Powercolor HD 4890 PCS++ that works at 1010MHz.

    The new HD 4890 PCS++ works at 1010MHz for the GPU and comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1100MHz. Powercolor managed to squeeze out the 1010MHz clock by tweaking the voltage on its HD 4890 PCS++. The new HD 4890 PCS++ has upgraded PWM design with the use of polymer capacitors which resulted in lower temperature and clean, stable voltage.

    The new PCS++ will also be cooled by Zerotherm's cooler with four heatpipes, and will be available in two versions, a plain one and Battleforge Edition.
    รูป รูป

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    มีเกทับ อีก 10Mhz

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    อยากเล่น battle forge ถ้าโหลดเถื่อนไม่ได้ยอมถอยการ์ดจอใหม่เลย

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    หือ พวกนี้ ชอบ 1Ghz จัง

    พี่เขียว[GTX275] 1Ghz จะเป็นไงหว่า อิอิ

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    ผมว่า สวยมากนะ น่าจะซิ้งทองแดง



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