PetSoccer สวนสัตว์ Soccer ฮาๆนุกๆ
เครื่องไม่จำเป็นต้องแรงกะเล่นได้สเป๊คต่ำเล่นได้ชัว สนุกดีนะมี เล่นได้ 2 คน

Pet Soccer is a cool soccer game for young children. However, as there is a child inside each of us everyone will surely enjoy this little bit of sport.
It is a beautifully colored 3D game, which will draws everyone’s attetion to it. There’s not much plot behind the game – it’s pure sport!!! Competing, that’s what the game is about. You can meet again with the well-known animals form Pet Racer again. This time however, they decided something different. All together there are twelve crazy and amuzing
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