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    Default "BIOSTAR TPOWER I55 - Intel LGA1156" ROCK

    With the coming of September, the latest Intel LGA 1156 platform of high-intermediate level is also coming.
    On this platform, Intel recently added the support of Core i7 processor, so in future both Core i5 and Core i7 processors can be used,
    the successful development that can improve the efficiency more effectively.

    At present, the sale of LGA 1156 platform is not available before September,
    but, despite of the fact that the economic is still depressed,
    there have been a lot of MB manufacturers planning promotion for more attractive products based on this new platform.
    Currently, the price of X58 is at US$ 200~300; the price of P55 motherboard of LGA 1156 is expected to be sold at about US$ 100~300;
    and the price of most products of P55, at about US$ 120~200, the same product level as P35 and P45 before.

    Why is the price of P55 as almost high as that of X58? Actually, X58 is deemed as a high level product;
    P55, higher than intermediate level and lower than high one.
    Therefore, the price of P55 and of X58 is nearly the same; as for X58, for several months there have been many product series based on this chipset,
    and they are priced at about US$ 200. At first, the price of P55 should be probably the same as that of P45,
    with intermediate level at US$ 150~200, or with high level at nearly US$ 300.

    We are going to introduce BIOSTAR P55 product, the highest level version, the price of which is at about US$ 200.
    The most important feature of BIOSTAR products is easy to overclock, and supplies at reasonable prices.
    The price of highest-level P55 is the same as that of elementary-level X58.

    Full view of BIOSTAR TPOWER I55

    BIOSTAR’s design and material are much better than ever. It is also one of the best MB manufacturers.
    My favourite blue and big heat pipe make the quality excellent.

    Down-left of the motherboard
    2 X PCIE X16(support ATI CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI technology, X8+X8 bandwidth)
    1 X PCI-E X4
    2 X PCI-E X1
    2 X PCI
    Dual LAN Intel 82578/Realtek RTL8111DL, support 2Gb LAN Teaming
    For multi VGAs, X series chipset uses X16+X16 bandwidth,
    but P series chipset, limited X8+X8 bandwidth.

    Down-right of the motherboard
    6 X SATAII(ICH10R,support Raid0,1,5)
    Power/Reset button and debug LEDs
    1394a uses LSI chipset

    Up-right of the motherboard
    4 X DIMM DDR3,support 800/1066/1333/1600/2000+
    1 X IDE
    24PIN power input,DDR3 uses 2phase

    Power supply uses 8 phase CPU Power,4 phase CPU NB

    8 X USB 2.0
    2 X eSATA
    2 X Gigabit LAN
    1 X 1394a

    Although north and south bridge are combined in P55, BIOSTAR still add a big heat sink on the traditional north bridge location,
    the design that makes not only the appearance more attractive, but also cooler area bigger.

    Picture of LGA 1156 with Core i7 870

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    The lacquered quality of heat pipe is great, with amazing design of finned plates and cooler area.

    LGA 1156 platform is becoming available in the market in less two months. According to more and more news from the Internet,
    Intel is going to categorise its products into three kinds of platforms— LGA 775, i3/i5/i7(LGA 1156), i5/i9(LGA 1366).
    As customers, they may think there are too many product series and different sockets; hence, they easily feel confused and do not know how to choose. All in all,
    the launch of new products can renew the old product series faster.

    Since LGA 1366 is deemed as high-level products, it is inadequate for LGA775 for non high-level products.
    So, the coming of LGA 1156 can make Intel platforms more complete, and customers, depending upon their budget, therefore have more choices.
    Let’s look forward to waiting MB manufacturers’ products, and price of Intel LGA 1156 CPU.

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    น่าสนใจครับ สวยงาม

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    ค่ายนี้ดูดีขึ้นเรื่อยๆ เนอะ

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    Graphics Zone - Overclock Zone


    It has many color for Mobo.

    Cool ..


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    รับของ พาลาเดียม ไอที ประตูน้ำ


    สวยครับ แต่ SLI วิ่ง 8*8 เองหลอ

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    EE PSU ---> BLG YALA


    สวยดีนะคับ ของค่ายนี้ ว่าเเต่เห็นมี CPU เเล้วไม่ลากโชว์บ้างเหรอครับ อิิอิ

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    M/B Brand "BIOSTAR" None dealer for sale in Thailand.

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    ท่านนี้ทำรีวิวของใหม่ๆเมื่อไหร่ หมายความว่าใกล้ได้ใช้กันแว้ววววว

    เฮ้!!!!!! ยู วอสซัพๆ โย่ๆ ฮาวอาร์ยู เย่ๆ ^^

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    Thank for share

    Quote Originally Posted by hugnoi View Post
    ท่านนี้ทำรีวิวของใหม่ๆเมื่อไหร่ หมายความว่าใกล้ได้ใช้กันแว้ววววว

    เฮ้!!!!!! ยู วอสซัพๆ โย่ๆ ฮาวอาร์ยู เย่ๆ ^^
    ถ้าลุงพูดแบบนี้ แสดงว่าลุงเม้มเงินไว้เตรียมซื้อแล้วจิ อิอิ

    -ถ้ายิ่งใหญ่อย่างที่กร่างไว้จริง ควรใช้ความยิ่งใหญ่กร่างหาคนแจ้งความชั่วของตัวเอง
    -อย่าปลอกสายลำโพงให้ยาวเกินความจำเป็นนะ เดี๋ยวแอมป์จะดับได้เวลาโยกตู้ลำโพง

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    ปล่าวครับ เพียงแต่สังเกตุว่า ท่าน windwithme ทำรีวิวแบบนี้เมื่อไหร่ อีกไม่นานของได้มีออกขาย เหมือนสมัยทำ mobo I7
    ส่วนผมอีกยาวครับ สงสัยอัพอีกทีเป็น 32nn เลยมั้ง

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    วางเลเอ้าท์ได้ฉลาดมากครับ แต่สีสันออกแนว กิ๊กนะ

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    In your heart.


    Layout & color on M/B is charming.
    Thank, for mini review.



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