Nowadays, the internet is important for users and help users to find the information by using web browsers. And now there are many web browsers available to access the Internet. In my view, Google Chrome is the best today the web browser for four reasons.

First, Google Chrome process quickly. It uses V8 Java Script engine processor. It is developed from a chromium software code set. Second, Google Chrome can interact with the users easily. It supports a multi Active X more than 50 languages and especially full function of Thai language. It helps us to search files easily by typing it in the address bar. Its appearance is better than others. Third, Google Chrome is stable. It uses less memory than other browser. It can mainly protect a blue screen error in the windows. Finally, Google Chrome has a high security. It can tell us which website or software is dangerous. The website history can be locked by the users.

In conclusion, Google Chrome is the best choice for users because it can supports all website completely what do you think about Google Chrome?

Pornprasert Ngamsangem 51212427, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
(Words 187)